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  1. Wilder and Fury both put on too much weight. Both looked sloppy. Very little boxing it was a War. Both had stamina issues. Tyson Fury got the win. Was one of the best fights in a long time.

  2. To all the wilder fanatics who have spoken so much crap over the past 17 months. Don’t you ever, ever again spout total crap about Tyson Fury. He has beaten wilder for the third time, 110% respect to wilder for his heart and determination but those clueless fanatics should now give respect to the king of the heavyweight division Tyson Fury.

  3. I love this platform this is one of the best places to get ur boxing news…we see the ignorant Mexicans comments… and believe me we feel some type of way too wen we see that….I don't know where ur from but Cali mex and tex mex r two different type of ppl….Cali mex and tex mex don't even get along.. in Texas black and brown r united and we fucc with each other hard…and Mexico mex dt fucc with tex mex…..quit going out ur way to point these ignorant ppl out…

  4. I respect you dontae however the only heavy weights to give fury a run for his money is usyk and wilder

  5. I don’t think you know what a punch drunk fighter is, Wilder was not one. Wilder didn’t train properly for this fight. The weight gain, the lack of road work and the weight lifting was his down fall.

  6. I agree that Fury will probably have his hardest fight against Whyte, but Fury will still find a way to win. Fury is levels above.

  7. He always looks punch drunk in every fight his had? He only ever has had a big right hand and that's it his not a boxer his a puncher and he showed the sort of person he is showing no sportsmanship whatsoever at the end… disgraceful! Glad to see the back of him cos that's it now surely?
    And this isnt about country's it's not the Olympics?

  8. Wilder skipped out on working the major weakness he has always had, he does no running so his base is terrible. He's always flailing around, and he gets tired by round 3. His strength and conditioning coach should be fired right now. Any coach who doesn't prepare your base is incompetent. Wilder actually looked exactly the same, except even more sluggish than usual. He was determined, but that fatigue will always plague him until he chooses to run.

  9. He looked sluggish and sloppy because that’s how he fights he didn’t learn nothing .. everyone who thought he was gonna win because he changed so much was trippin he lost all 3 fights

  10. The jabs to the body were working. If Wilder came in at 220 he woulda had more speed to his punches and more stamina. I think coming in at 238 was a mistake.

  11. No one is more complete than Fury, Deonte Wilder is the second best heavyweight in the division. I call it like it is, I’m boxing fan and an exfighter myself, I’m a fan of all races if you can fight you can fight. I’m a fan and all lives matter.

  12. Glad this is over. No more stupid excuses. Fury the best heavyweight of the division. 🇬🇧 lost respect I had for wilder for leaving the ring and not giving fury his props after all the allegations!

  13. I agree, he abandoned what he worked on. Oh well, he had a chance… Damn… I truly hope someone else is up to the task of giving Fury his first loss.

    Further, hope Wilder recovers, he's a warrior, he's earned respect.

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