Wing Chun vs MMA – Young Wing Chun Hobbyist vs Older MMA Amateur

We have a very recent MMA vs Wing Chun match from China. This is a fight in the ring between 43-year-old and a 27-year-old. The results are typical from this type of style vs style martial arts matchup. We’ve seen this so many times already that we already have the dread and the premonition. Like always, hope you enjoy the fight commentary. Let’s see what we can learn and what great tips we can give people who want to step into the ring. Let us know in the comments what you see too! More style vs style stuff to come!! Keep sending us clips, whether of yourself sparring, competing, practicing, or of Chinese martial arts or bullshido that we can critique.

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Fight Commentary Breakdowns

42 bình luận trong “Wing Chun vs MMA – Young Wing Chun Hobbyist vs Older MMA Amateur

  1. It didnt look like the old guy needed to have any mma training to win. He just basically spanked the young guy like a 5 year old

  2. After seeing so many Wing Chun guys fight worser than one without any skill, I am totally convinced that Wing Chun is inferior to other types. Bruce Lee is great because of JKD that he designed, not because of Wing Chun.

  3. This is the reality
    You can't do the fancy hands , or the super fast combo hand fist like in the movie,
    Traditional martial arts art full of shit
    Wing chun?? GTFO

  4. You know what ? You caught me off guard… Just for a second I really thought it was Ramsey Dewey… :/

  5. I wanna fight MMA in china lol, not for fame or money. Just kinda curious how far I'd go (12 years wrestling exp)

  6. yeah, ok i think my 14 yr old daughter could beat this WC guy ! and shes not into sport one bit nor fighting nor anything except social media !

  7. Déjà vu ….. WC again, Piss off? What a pity? WC guy had game plan before he got hit to his face. Then ……. no more IP Man 5 movie. IP Man 4 movie and bye bye! Because no. 4 in Cantonese pronunciation is similar to death. So bye bye! OK, I wanna pee, I must go to WC now. LOL!

  8. When you said the ages, it was a foregone conclusion, but then you said MMA guy is the one that's 43, and am like… "It's a whole new ballgame!"

  9. You can practice bjj and kickboxing and wrestling and whatever martial art you like, but if you are not a fighter then you still gonna get your ass beat.

  10. I think there are a lot of boys/men who do traditional martial arts BECAUSE they don't want to fight. Many do some light, friendly sparring, but there is nothing friendly about fighting.

  11. Reality hurts, if this were a street fight with no rules or time limits the Wing Chun practioner would have died. Plain and Simple.

  12. Glad to see Wing Chun fighters undeterred by things like reality… if you have to punch someone 20 times before they fall over then you can't punch properly…

  13. When will traditional martial arts learn? Their shit does not work, its just crap they are trying to sell and get your money… It's literally a scam!!!

  14. He probably did a lot of great fantasy training that made him feel good and strong before he felt ready to face harsh reality–an illadvised approach.

  15. The MMA Guy is so out of shape
    And I doubt he even do MMA or just someone who goes to the gym once a month or something

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