Wilder vs fury 3 live reaction EsNews Boxing

“Elie Seckbach Reporting”


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Elie Seckbach (אלי זקבך) features by the LA Times and Ring Magazine as the Most Influential boxing reporter has been covering Sports BOXING MMA & The NBA since 1997.

✅ His ability to get interesting quotes from star athletes prompted Andy Gray of CNN/SI to call him “the most entertaining NBA reporter out there.”
✅ While Former Mike Tyson Publicist Michael Marley writes: “If there is going to be an Internet age Howard Cosell, it may turn out to be Elie Seckbach.”

⭐In 2009 Seckbach was nominated by the Associated Press and won the Mark Twain Award.⭐

✅ In June 09′ Lil Wayne samples Seckbach in his song ‘Kobe Bryant. And in 2010 Seckbach won the Boxing Reporter of The Year award from ATG Radio. In 2017 Seckbach received two Awards for his boxing coverage.
✅ Away from sports Elie has covered major news events and has won both a Golden Mike and an Emmy Award.
✅ His reports have been featured on: AOL Sports FanHouse & NBC TV, The LA Daily News and CBS 2 News.

Prior to that Seckbach reported for leading news outlets in Israel.



22 bình luận trong “Wilder vs fury 3 live reaction EsNews Boxing

  1. Elie, perhaps you should give it a rest. Your biased nonsense is embarrassing. Fury won the fight fairly. The referee did a great job. You were trying so hard to get Malik Scott to say bad things about Fury in the interview you conducted with him after the fight, but he was too classy. It was a rough, but completely fair fight. No controversy. Deal with it.

    "Anyone who knows boxing knows Wilder will win." – Elie before the first Wilder-Fury fight.

  2. You are an embarrassment if there was ever an example of how not to raise your kids this man is it

  3. Hahahahahaha even talking about Tommy fury saying Jake Paul will beat him 😂😂😂 god your salty hahahahah

  4. Elie your got so much hate, I can fix that. I'm a amateur boxer and willing to box you in RG gym recorded. If you can last 1 rd with me I will pay you 10K… message me

  5. Whoever is subscribed to Eli channel is a casual. I saw this on my side videos and watched.. Elie is a bias POS

  6. Wow. Don’t know this channel much, but the bias and saltiness is levels! So disillusioned! Very sore loser just like Wilder. You need to respect even when losing.

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