Wilder vs Fury 2: Tyson Fury defeats Deontay Wilder | HIGHLIGHTS

The tables were turned on February 22, 2020 when Tyson Fury stepped into the ring with reigning WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder. Their first fight was an epic battle of boxing acumen and unrivaled power.

In their second fight, a larger heavier Tyson Fury pounced on Wilder from the opening bell and was relentless in his attack. Fury’s pressure continued to rise into RD3, where he landed a right hand that send Wilder the canvas for the first time in their two fights. Two rounds later, Wilder with what seemed to be a bursted ear drum, would be knocked down again. With his balance in limbo due to his inner ear bloody, Fury landed a two left hands, the second to the body, sending Wilder to the canvas again.

Wilder, showing tremendous heart and spirit, continuing to fight although visibly adrift due to the busted ear drum. On shaky legs, Wilder was cornered in RD7. Fury landed a flurry of punches, including one big right hand, and then the towel was thrown in from Wilder’s corner.

The fight was over. Tyson Fury stopped Deontay Wilder with the help of a white towel, and became THE NEW WBC World Heavyweight Champion.

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31 bình luận trong “Wilder vs Fury 2: Tyson Fury defeats Deontay Wilder | HIGHLIGHTS

  1. Wilder again did not admit the loss, and his head tilted like a cut cabbage.


    he just looks like he's 35 and gets tired quickly.

  2. my god, this is the end of the world, rest in peace physics, rest in peace maths, rest in peace biology, rest in peace trumpism too. Some bloke destroyed the masters of the universe and his name is who is that gypsy something.
    how many idiots spent 10 minutes of their lives watching this clash of the jokers apart from me?
    I've written a book on becoming a millionaire by selling to trumpists.
    I now have to rewrite my book!

  3. All the bottom feeder hangers on in boxing rings are the types you’d never leave alone with your woman, your daughter or your dog.

  4. Always get that last punch in while your opponent is falling, stay on top of him so you can make sure they can't get back up, punch him while he's falling, never be to sure he's out. He should have lost a few pounds
    so he could be faster, not gain a few to be more stronger. Incorporate dancing in your skills, buy you time when you in trouble, keep your hands up when on the ropes. Muhammad Ali knew these things.
    Time for wilder to change his style to a more flexible one on wheels. It will make him more able to fight more bigger and smaller fighters.

  5. Lol he looked at the ref like a soccer player like if he got fouled after he got knocked down the first time🤣

  6. Fury is a fookin idiot. He never had a reason to cheat, he always was the better boxer, no need to play the loose glove shit.

  7. There should be more camera angles. I swear i'd watch each of their fights 4 times each from each angle of the ring

  8. 퓨리의ko승 으로끝낫지만
    도전자 와일드의투지는 높이평가받아야한다
    와일드가 큰부상이없는지궁금

  9. 1 Thessalonians 4:3
    King James Version
    3 For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication:

  10. The gioi 2 han can nay khong con phai ban. Ca 2 dieu dinh. Con Joshua chi la hu danh tuc thoi loi danh ko tot.

  11. never saw an ugly fight skills .u must of fight little teenagers as u were winning cuz any boxer with skills dont matter rankimg will beat u so easy .tpe never fight again .(bullies never win dough )

  12. dumb wilder ur boxing zkills never would beat mike tyson fool
    ..u have no skills whatso ever .# bully boxing ..fury had 25 ct of skill boxing qnd he beat u with pleasure prime mike will send u to the hospital .with his pee a boo skills .u never fight again ..

  13. That punch hit him right in a giant nerve bundle. If you ridgehand or chop someone there hard enough you can cause an instant plank ko. Definitely fucked his legs.

  14. If you pause at 2:09 you can literally see how badly Fury got into Wilder's head. He knew in his last fight he'd hit him with two of his best shots in the 12th and he STILL got up.

    Wilder is shook here, and it's pretty obvious.

  15. After rewatching this fight, his corner was protecting his fighter to save him from what was to happen, he clearly didn't have that protection this last bout, after he got dominanted and actually knocked out. Sometimes you need to make the decision you disagree with to protect you

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