WEEKEND VLOG | hourglass gym workout, fancy dinner, room organization & changing my diet

Hey dolls! I am so excited to spend the weekend with you in today’s vlog!
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Kayla Lashae

27 bình luận trong “WEEKEND VLOG | hourglass gym workout, fancy dinner, room organization & changing my diet

  1. Love it when you drop gems on fitness, so helpful even for us girls that are trying to get rid of extra weight. Isn’t our kind of people a good show I think I’m in love!! great vlog!!!

  2. Why was kayla excitement and rush to get the collection was me when iphone pre order came out? I was refreshing the page non stop and i was so stressed when it failed twice thinking i wasnt going to get it 😂😂😂

  3. Maybe I should cut out soy bc I heard it can increase your risk for breast cancer or something. Idk if that's true but I DO know that it makes my breasts hurt

  4. Just curious I haven't watched your vlogs in a long time but last time I remember you were going to church? Are you still a Christian? Just wondering. Seeing you light that sage thing and just seeing your journal prompts to 'manifesting' your dream life..
    Stull came back and enjoy your vlogs and you sharing all the things.

  5. I LOVE the apple crisp macchiato! A lot of my friends don’t like it saying it’s too sweet. I get it with oat milk too. I also do 2 pumps of brown sugar and light drizzle to reduce the sugar

  6. Been so busy recently but got to catch up tonight 🥰🥰 I miss your videos glad I got to catch up tho ☺️

  7. I also get the iced apple crisp macchiato with oatmilk. Apples are still my fall vibe. I mean, pumpkin is cool but apple have always been that girl for me lol

  8. Haven’t been this early in a min but I’m always on time. Hey Kayla! 💫 What up to the doll gang 🤟🏾✨

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