WATCH LIVE: Fury vs Wilder Main Event Weigh-in | #FuryWilder3

Watch all the PPV fighters weigh-in LIVE, including Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury!

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41 bình luận trong “WATCH LIVE: Fury vs Wilder Main Event Weigh-in | #FuryWilder3

  1. OH,,YEAH,,, TYSON is going to KO THE BOMBER. 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊 [ He's just a better boxer . Stay away from right hand and stay in close so he can't swing his bat ,' right hand' beat him down, body shots head shots.] 🥊🥇

  2. Wilder is the Tyrone Woolley of boxing he will lose horribly and embarrassingly then retire and resort to boxing social media creators to make some type of money

  3. I prefer "talking in the ring" as opposed to name calling before the fight. Any idiot can talk crap about another person. I'm not impressed by it. I was rooting for Fury. But, after his childish name calling of Wilder, I think I'll be cheering for Wilder.

  4. Tyson's being a bit more disrespectful than Wilder so Im leaning more toward wanting Fury to be the one to get K.O.'d,lol

  5. Deyonte seems ready so I hope he shows his energy in the ring and Tyson too. I wanna see a clear cut win from either fighter. K.O. energy is what we need.

  6. What is Fury tryna say coming out looking like The Undertaker? Hmmm… Im a fan of both for real so i cant wait to see who takes this fight.

  7. You can learn to box but you can't add account for raw natural power. If Wilder has learnt to box just abit then it's lights our Mr gypsy. Boom 💥 wilder in 5th to ko fury

  8. Fury will win 9th round i had a dream last night and thats what happened wilder took the loss in a good way they hugged like brothers and fury celebrated like he just won a war

  9. How can anyone keep the same mobility at 277? Fury is a better boxer, by far, but I'm not so sure skill will win this time. Speed kills.

  10. Tyson fury about to win. God going to spite wilder for that comment, God power and baptized. That and hes saying and acting just like before. He's still same person have every one of the fans tricked outa!!

  11. Malik Scott tricked this man into thinking he a boxer now… 😂🤣after 40 fights and 15years of being a wild swinging KO puncher… he thinks 8 months w/a new C level ex-fighter trainer makes him Ali 😂😂🤣 It’s over!

  12. Ppl acting like Fury so much more bigger than last time … it’s like 4lbs… to a 6’9” guy thats literally nothing

  13. Many people prediction that Wilder Will be the winer by ko under round 8 .
    But some times the underdog like Tyson fury can be the winer too.

  14. Tyson Fury bad been watching too much WWE lol he about to get bodied. His does have nervous energy, all that shouting is showing how nervous he is

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