"TYSON WILL MAKE WILDER PAY!" John Fury Final Message Ahead of Fury-Wilder 3 & David Haye Fight

BT Sport Box Office will show Fury v Wilder: The Trilogy exclusively live in the UK on Saturday 9th October. For more info go to www.bt.com/sportboxoffice

Boxing Social’s Jordan Pollock spoke to John Fury ahead of WBC World and Ring Magazine champion Tyson Fury’s trilogy bout with Deontay Wilder. #FuryWilder3

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46 bình luận trong “"TYSON WILL MAKE WILDER PAY!" John Fury Final Message Ahead of Fury-Wilder 3 & David Haye Fight

  1. I love this guy….I think they should give him his own tv show…would be so much more entertaining than the shite they put on it now…I am someone who suffers with mental health issues & what Tyson has done to help the awareness off negative mental health is just amazing…big big respect to him & you John…what a great family you are… I love all your videos…you make me laugh & make me feel Happy…you're just honest. down to earth & straight talking…if more people were like you this world would be a better place…I Grew up in care …in a Barnardo's run children's home….never really had a dad…Tyson is a very lucky guy to have you as his dad, take care stay safe 🙂 P.S Keep the videos coming 🙂

  2. Real street fighting/tough family and straight down the line (they say it how it is). Total respect to the Fury's 🤘

  3. If dad John Fury got into the ring to fight Wilder instead of his son Tyson, nobody would know, Son like father in every way

  4. Im already a Hard Bas now lol, but if my Da was like John Fury id have came from a House of Gladiators where everyday id be very thankful just to live for another and to eat my Bread. John Furys a right Good Man, Come on Tyson !

  5. I have never liked David haye but I honestly believe that he would knock seven kinds of shit out of you,eight with your bullshit

  6. Guarantee Tommy fury is pricing himself out because he didn’t want to no Jake Paul not long ago wen the first 1M offer was made Tommy don’t want that fight and I’ll be shocked if it happens
    And David haye would spark John in the first round 😂 how John think he’d put up a good fight the stupid old fool lol joker

  7. Iv no dog in the race i don’t really like either men but iv a feeling wilder is going to spark fury out cold

  8. I genuinely enjoy listening to him but at the same time he is a walking contradiction video after video. He covers all his bases. Its like betting a match. It might end this way or that way. Cover it all and win.

  9. your son is a known cheat …… go away with all that nonsense talk …which other heavyweight has been on record cheating with gloves

  10. Your more of a slap head egg head egg breath, you gonna get flattened, bill Joe got it too…you turn is coming

  11. The last fight was not very competitive at all, Fury barely got touched all fight.

    Really looking forward to see Fury end Wilder's career tonight.

  12. Big John Fury is a beautiful guy! My kinda guy! Rough, Tough and Blunt!

  13. I have got a bad feeling about this one. I think Fury loses. He seems way too over confident to me, and he is really badly underestimating the intent in Wilder. I hope I am wrong, but I think it is Fury’s turn to be humbled. If he has to lose though, I just wish it was not to be at the hands of the BUM SQUIRT (who I think will cheat by the way). I expect to see just about all of Wilder’s shot landing on the back of the head.

  14. David haye would knock you out with a miss jackanory john ffsake rough tough cookie my arse you were koed by a guy throwing a range finder ffsake you talk a good fight you were a journeyman at best

  15. Jackanory john fury the big fighting man who doesn't fight! ! Talks pure and utter shite can't believe a word the guy says a proven compulsive liar

  16. Another very worrying thing is that Malik has already said "I will not stop the fight under any circumstances". How dumb and naive can you get. Could you imagine if god forbid Wilder was killed.

  17. Hahaha 🤣 made me laugh with his comments about Tommy! Absolute true words regarding David Haye as well. Love him, he’s so entertaining 😆😆😆

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