Trying the best rated climbing gym in New York!


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– Window Weepin’
– Jotunheimen
– Le Chat Noir
– Gossip Talk
– Give Me That Wink
– Liar’s Den
– What
– You Gotta Save Me
– How Did We
– 2
– BYRD (Ooyy Remix)
– Razzmatazz
– Casual Chic
– Sunbathing
– Cool Shoes Man
– Choo Choo

Trying the best rated climbing gym in New York! Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

– Toyota
– Scarpa
– Varri


Magnus Midtbø

21 bình luận trong “Trying the best rated climbing gym in New York!

  1. Have you ever been to any of the Touchstone Fitness gyms in the Bay Area Ca? They have great gyms and workout equipment. Iron Works was my home gyms for years

  2. Come to Austin Bouldering Project in Texas!! I feel like you’d really enjoy it but maybe it would be too easy for you.

  3. This building looks so dingy, its a shame that its normal for new york buildings to be poorly maintained. The gym equipment looks really nice though.

  4. I'd never go to a climbing gym where the walls are this full of boulders. 90% of your energy goes into making sure you don't use a boulder of the wrong colour… damn annoying.

  5. crazy to think that at the time this video was filmed a little known novel virus was spreading through New York City, and less than a month later it would be killing nearly 1,000 people a day.

  6. Has anyone climbed in both New York and London? If so, what does the grading difference tend to be like? There are many many walls here in London and some of them are absolutely brutal at v6+, feels very tough compared to the general grades in a bunch of other places.

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