Top Legends Finishes | Bellator MMA

Through years of mastery at their craft; these fighters will forever be Bellator legends.

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50 bình luận trong “Top Legends Finishes | Bellator MMA

  1. The Knee went to the groin 100%Check again the knees before the last one in the head……..Only the camera saw it

  2. Позор!!!!!
    Зачем вставили сюда договорняк между Шемроком и Грэйси??????

  3. "didint go anywhere near" and ONLY showing the last knee while at least the 2-3 knees before were clearly low..f…idiot commentator

  4. You must hate Shamrock , he's kind of a douche but he is a Legend, no win for him on this video?
    Big Country is by no means a legend but if that guy ever got in shape and fought down at 205 where he belonged he would have been a beast.

  5. 01:30 Shenrock caído no chão com os braços travados nem conseguir se defender estava e apelou porque perdeu Hahahahahhaah

  6. Its kinda sad. I feel like theres something lost in this generation. Sure you have your khabibs and what not, But nowadays i dont feel like we get as many Legends. Like we have jon jones and even anderson silva to an extent but they are from the previous era yk? Like, wheres our new fedor, wheres the new belfort, Your tony otiz's. Chuck liddel, brock lesnar even, The guys that, even though that arent that good still felt larger than life, Like any of them could claim they are the baddest man in the world.

  7. The old fighters from UFC até The stars fighters on Bellator. Nice to know it 🥂🤠👍🥊❤️

  8. pause and click 1:02
    definitely a groin strike, pain must’ve took a second to go to the brain

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