The fights that changed the history of MMA

These Fights Changed the History of MMA

Throughout the history of the existence of MMA, many significant events, cult confrontations, and clashes took place, which sometimes became something personal, and from this their scale only increased. But some fights became not just cult, but truly crucial and fundamental..

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Kevin Graham – Apex

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  1. You seem pretty knowledgeable. Why dose No one ever talk about Gene Tunney? Ever body knows Jack Dempsey and he beat Jack twice. Gene never lost a fight in the heavyweight division. And only lost one fight in light heavy. I'm just curious 🤔. Is their something I don't know.? We're the fights rigged?

  2. Kevin destroyed boss from the clips you showed and should’ve won that belt in my opinion. But I would have to see the whole fight to say for 100% certainty he won.

  3. I'd like to of seen Tito Ortiz's wins and loss's & Chuck Lyndell's fights wins & losses there were many matches when the UFC began with little rules and no weight limits or categories no matter the size or weight all fought. I liked this show but it was limited action but, good points and correct points of how the human cock fighting stayed alive.

  4. Griffin and Bonnar will always be one of the best, if not THE best, fights in UFC history. I was watching it live and was standing up in front of the tv. I couldn’t sit down.
    Then to top it off, Dana did what I told all my family that I’d do which is award them both a contract. Truly was a spectacular show and ended in the best way.

  5. McCain is the only time in my voting life I did not vote for president..he simply was a rhino and nothing more..outside of his military service did nothing good for our country.

  6. Please please can you bring us the trilogy of Wilder and Fury, the 3 fights by next week please 🙏 it was one of the best trilogy of modern era

  7. Boxing fans that hate on MMA and MMA fans that hate on boxing are the most stupid annoying toxic people in combat sports. People that truly love and appreciate combat sports are fans of both. And kickboxing too.

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