Nicholas Burdo

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  1. This!..

    Hear people laughing? There's always someone laughing. Take what they're laughing at and lean into it. Let them know, even the weakness they laugh at, you're not scared to embrace and make your weapon.

    Remember, when you embrace your weakness, they have nothing left to attack.

  2. Look into his eyes before he puts his sunglasses on 🦁 I wish lion had a better emoji not like this sweet unshaved teady bear🤦🏻

  3. Connor was shook this time thats what it looks like. He's just out for fun.

    There is no killer instict in Connor this build up. Well actually he was real brutal on himself. That leg will never forgive him. Watch.

    I wonder if he went with burnt titanium cos he so flash.

    If I had a titanium leg bone ide be asking how can I display that? I want my flesh to be hollowed out here skin melted to the titanium so its always visible. I am Connor you will make it work. Now install my red eye and cheek plate.

  4. He is not asking for a handshake he is showing the world he is gonna beat him in the ring just like he beat him on that quick rock paper scissors match witnessed by dana white himself

  5. Connor looks like he wants to cry. Poor dude lol that's what he gets for thinking he can never be beat

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