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  1. Great video OP. MMA is proven what are the best martial art styles overall in the ring. Everything else is simply 'Martial art sports'. Each with their own rules and styles and only effective against others using the same style and rules. You'd never see an American boxing match where one fighter used American wrestling moves in the ring. Boxing requires boxing methods and boxing rules. American wrestling requires wrestling moves and wrestling rules. In MMA, anything goes.

  2. This is unusual in that the person doing this list actually knows what they're talking about. I cringed when I first saw "Kung Fu" brought up, but unlike certain others I could mention, it wasn't all reduced to some vague generalised idea of Kung Fu.

  3. As a Chinese myself, I am not aware of 'Kong Fu' as a formal Martial Art Category — It literally means 'Martial Arts' in Chinese, it is not a martial art itself, and as such shouldn't be listed here at all. 'Wing Chun' is a category of Kong Fu, for example – And Kong Fu itself is not. And — Are we seriously categorizing 'Chi' as a Martial Art category now?? In that case we can just list Dragon Ball Z technics here as well lol

  4. Nah, bad list. I've seen Ip Man use Wing-Chun to defeat 10 karate practitioners at once. Did you even do your research? 🙂

  5. You already said it at the beginning of the JKD section. It's not a martial arts system, just a philosophy of not being constrained by martial arts systems. That is a common approach to modern MMA combat.

  6. Seriously. Why would anyone that could actually utilize a force that could be considered magic even bother with any mma? – There are so many better uses for such a thing (if it were real).

  7. Akidio is basically ju-jitsu so its more for street – real situation, like krav maga but its true lack of sparring in aikido, great combination for real life is three combination of judo, aikido, Ju-jitsu

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