Taylor Swift KICKS Justin Bieber OUT Of A Gym! | Daily Rewind

It was a long weekend and we’ve got a lot to discuss like Kylie Jenner’s plans for Stormi’s second birthday…Selena Gomez becoming emotional when asked to name a song that reminds her of being in love and of course Justin Bieber’s recent post about Hailey. But first, let’s talk about some fresh Taylor Swift and Justin tea. All this and more on an all new Daily Rewind!

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35 bình luận trong “Taylor Swift KICKS Justin Bieber OUT Of A Gym! | Daily Rewind

  1. I think Justin needs to do his job and leave his mind at home. When I work, my mind is always out of my job. I treat my job like a robot working the system. Than I go home and be myself. Justin do your job and fuck everyone else. Leave them people alone and know it's business and usual.

  2. selena i am always so worried about you…. i love you so much as a person you are so genuine and sweet

  3. JB "YOU LOVE YOUR WIFE"😁😁😁😁😁????? Keep BEING INSECURE…..!!!!!!😜😜😜😁😁😁😁

  4. I'm kinda surprised neither of them have their own home gym. Or maybe they do, and they go to the West Hollywood gym for other reasons. Well the publicity worked…

  5. He is so arrogant and thinks everyone is still interested in what he does. His constant demands of attention for his relationship is getting really boring. Deep down he knows he’s settled for 2nd best .

  6. Justin is receiving so many hates these days I'm not a fan of Justin but he can post whatever he wants to maybe he posted "I love my wife" to makes his wife feel precious

  7. Just wanted to let you guys know that the analysis of Selena that you guys made was real and so on point! Reason why I watch hollyscoop!

  8. It's funny how he talks so highly of hailey but she never talks that highly of him. This is a publicity marriage because he keep on going on with the whole my wife ok damn nobody cares anymore. We all have moved on and so has selena so can he move tf on.

  9. Maybe Hailey is the one who is influencing Justin to constantly post his affection for her. She is probably insecure with the whole internet constantly trying to have a say in her marriage. I also think it’s a millennial celebrity couple thing because I’ve never seen celebrity couples this much publicly affectionate as much as the last few years🤔

  10. I can’t believe how everyone’s is like ow poor Selena and ow Taylor queen. LIKE WTF???? Selena was toxic af too in that relationship, and when Justin “cheated” on her, she literally was saying that they weren’t dating, and there are even videos where Selena was hitting Justin and screaming at him, Taylor is mad af because of the scooter braun stuff but that’s not Justin’s fault and of course he was going to defend him IS HIS MANAGER and Taylor was a bitch to him since the jelena stuff. So stop treating Selena and Taylor as victims, media has brain washed y’all

  11. Justin doesn’t love hailey, he knows, we all know. He keeps using her to bother Selena. Selena said no for his marriage proposal so he found another one as fast as he could to prove her he had someone. Now he is unhappy, trying to pretend was the right decision and the worst for him is seem Selena in the spotlight, gorgeous and happy.

  12. I don’t know how Many times Justin did said I LOVE MY WIFE. He should create a song called I LOVE MY WIFE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he is lying y’all 😂😂😂

  13. First off she didn't kick him out….she did what most spoiled rich people do….She wanted to embarrass him so she paid an insane amount of money to rent out the Whole Gym for a private session….moral of the story…..Embarrassing Justin Bieber…doesn't come cheap!!!!!!!

  14. I love how they lowkey be throwing shade at Justin and hailey😂I don’t like either of them Justin just seems like a complete asshole and hailey should be in jail for threatening ma girl Selena😭I could be wrong but doubt it..🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. Yes and the award of best INSTAGRAM husband goes to Justin Bieber. And that's the only award you're getting nowadays.

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