Tai Chi vs Boxing

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Tai Chi Chuan or TaiJi Quan, which is also known as the grand ultimate fist verse Boxing show how these two form of fighting arts are used in a battle. Master Wong illustrates quick scenarios of how the fight could go. The purpose of these videos is not to prove which one is better, but to point out the advantages and disadvantages of these fighting styles when used in combat. In the Follow up videos Master Wong will explain clearly that both arts should not be taken lightly. He shows how the tai chi form is transferred in combat, using its techniques to deflect or divert an attack and follow up with a strike or kick. An important technique needed to deal with a boxer’s powerful punch.
Master Wong videos get a lot of views because he is one of the few kung fu Masters with enough years of experience to take traditional martial arts and pit them realistically against other fighting styles such as Mauy thai, Judo, Ju-jitsu, and boxing. Play these videos and watch the whole duration. See Master Wong take on the boxer, add your comment and see video to have your question answered on the MWS channel. If you are interested in our System check out our training courses. We have tai chi for combat but also for health relaxation similar to yoga. Add yourself to our database by registering on our website and receive our regular newsletter and links to our posts. Our videos are fast loading and run in sequence with next play facility so you can grow with us.

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Master Wong

33 bình luận trong “Tai Chi vs Boxing

  1. This chanal is the best ,but to be honest ,tai chi is useless , you can easily get overwhelmed and cornered ,not to mention a got straight and a good liver shot and you put him on the ground (tough to be honest the liver shot is the killer move in any martial art )

  2. Tai Chi Chuan has gotten a bad rap due to the recent events of a certain Asian MMA fighter. He has demonstrated his prowess in the use of boxing, kick boxing, and wrestling combined together in what is called MMA. He has thus far challenged so-called masters of Tai Chi and Wing chun. He has defeated these. The problem is not in his defeating these but it is the fact these so-called masters are not masters at all. They are fakes thanks to the CCP. They are government installed. They are no more masters than "the man in the moon." Thanks to Mao and the cultural revolution many of the masters were either killed, or they escaped the country. Today all there is are fakes. Even the famed "Shaolin monks" are fakes as well. Oh they can kick and punch, but they are nothing more than representatives of the Communist party. Real Tai Chi Chuan is rare and almost hard to find. From what I have seen of Wong he shows some very real skill in Tai Chi Chuan. I thank him for being real about it.

  3. Hahaha 😂😂😂
    Very entertaining,
    Like watching an old kung fu movie,
    I was waiting for the bad dubbing at the end, no offence !
    Very well choreographed 😉👍
    Although unrealistic !

  4. No one wins. Its not about which martial art is better. Its about the FIGHTER. His skill, fitness, endurance, technique, and "killer" instinct.

  5. Man I hate it when I am walking through parks and random guys with boxing gloves just start challenging me to a fight!!!

  6. here is the thing with tai chi, it is extremely versatile and defensive, but ta chi lacks power and counter attack, ta chi counters when the defense cause the opponent to make a mistake. For boxing, the attack is extremely powerful but lack defense. So a simple explanation will be ta chi is a 20 rounds per minute .22, hard to dodge but inferior damage. Boxing is more like 50. cal with blunt moves and slow attack speed, but superior damage. Overall, tai chi is more useful in self-defense scenarios with 1 or 2 opponent, as for boxing is useful in situation when the opponent knows that you will fight back, or there are multiple opponents.

  7. I'm not quite sure why master wong uses such time/space consuming moves. Of course, it looks fancy, but isn't it about to show people what it is all about and what realy works? Maybe it's just because of the demonstration.

  8. +Nikolah do you know if the two of them really fight they would injured each other is just letting you to comment who wins#idontbelievethatyoucouldbeatmasterwong

  9. master wong is just toying with the boxer…..
    i know master wong moves..he will win if he do it in a real fight

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