Taekwondo's Baseball Bat Style Roundhouse Kick | Power Era WTF TKD

In this video I show an old school Taekwondo round kick variation from the martial art of Kukkiwon TKD that was often used during the W.T.F.’s old school “Power Era” (1980’s – 2000’s), long before the days of the electronic-hogu scoring system. I also explain why most “Muay Thai vs Taekwondo Roundhouse” videos on Youtube are strawman arguments that neglect the deeper aspects of BOTH martial art styles. And finally, I talk about TKD’s use of “Shin (jeonggangi)” techniques outside of today’s sport rules.


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  1. I'm glad I found this channel tbh I started in June. Taekwondo but it's a mcdojo… 70 people tested over the weekend ALL of them passed. And some did absolutely terrible form.

  2. Interestingly, baseball bat type is the main style I learned when I went through the ATA style. In my original school which was one of those non-organizational schools where we did the Chang Hon forms we were taught both the round style and the not-so-good style where you chamber the kick by putting the center of your shin on the centerline of your body. Nowadays I pretty much only use the baseball style when I practics

  3. One of my Kickboxing instructors trained in what he referred to as "Pre-Olympic Taekwondo" under a Korean instructor, and basically he taught everything you just demonstrated in this video (he doesn't teach under the TKD banner though). It's always interesting to come across somebody such as yourself who has received similar training.

  4. its funny how mma fans who watch mma will go to martial arts video and talk like their experts in all martial arts and descriminate martial arts but in real life they dont even practice any martial arts
    The only thing they do in their life is being a simp and big mouth loser

  5. Now that you mentioned it in this video, I'd love to know more about kicking with the ball of the foot during roundhouse kicks and other techniques. I tried it a few time and it would appear that the angles when kicking with the instep vs kicking with the ball of the foot are a little different. I'm hoping you can explain the differences better.

    Also, half kicks like the half roundhouse kick where you don't completely overturn our hips and use your thighs for the power. It follows a diagonally upward/inward trajectory at an angle between north/north-west (kicking with the right) and it would seem that tensing up your abs near the point of contact greatly increases the power.

    I've only read about it once in a blog post by Robert Gray after I'd unknowingly used the kick to knock out my opponent in a tournament. There just aren't many resources on it.

  6. You lie ,taekwondo does not have shin kicks ,it's impossible,only Thai people thought of using thier shin to kick with ,just as wing chun invented a stop kick ,we all know America invented boxing ,LMAO sorry could not resist ,your kicks still look bad ass .!

  7. Thanks man I never knew this. Times when I kicked the bag my instep and shin would accidentally hit together when I was to close but now I know I can use that for something. Really like to get a bob dummy some day.

  8. Did you have an old channel? Because I've been subscribed to you for like 10 years. I remember when you where in like a garage kicking a heavy bag.

  9. Man I am LOVING these rant-torials. As a WTF black belt who moved to Muay Thai and other styles, this is giving me the most nostalgia I've ever felt for martial arts. Also, all it takes is for ONE of these to go viral to change the public perspective of TKD. Please keep this kind of thing going. Long-time big fan, so glad you're active again.

  10. I actually didn't know Muay Thai had snappy roundhouse kicks like that, I thought it was a Karate/TKD/Kung Fu thing only.

  11. Nice video. So would you say this is the same kick as the Thai roundhouse kick, or is there still some subtle difference?

  12. A martial art which specializes in kicks would have all types of kicks! I find it strange when these jokers say to me, MT has the most powerful roundhouse! If you can think of the kick, TKD has it, along with a jump, spin and jumping spin version of it.

  13. I tried to explain to a designer who worked on a famous fighting game that TKD once taught leg checking using the shin and they just looked at me like I was lying and said "TKD players block by holding their hands down beside their legs".

    That was my final conversation with them about martial arts.

  14. I totally understand. I've heard some Chinese martial artists hating on Muay thai but totally ignore that fact that Crane, mantis, and monkey are wildly the same in application. People don't know Hapkido has the same follow through round kick. Or that Taekwondo and other martial arts have shin conditioning.

  15. Is there a variation of the double round kick where the first kick is a linear round kick and the second one is a circular round kick? (Saw somebody land this on the body on their opponent , and made him drop to his knees)

  16. Very cool to see demonstrations of some old school tkd kicks! Do you have any tips for finding dojangs that focus on teaching old school powerful techniques vs those that teach to the modern competitive meta?

  17. This misinformation stems from the same place that makes people think that tkd doesn’t have any punching.

  18. i Love this campaign against the toe tag or foot fencing crap the Olympics have brought about 🤣🤣🤣 a big toe to the ear is a "head kick" 🤣

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