Stephen A. previews Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III | First Take

Stephen A. previews Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III | First Take
Stephen A. Smith discusses expectations for the much anticipated trilogy fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

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44 bình luận trong “Stephen A. previews Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III | First Take

  1. Because of his skin color, ESPN was desperate for Wilder to win. How'd that work out ESPN, huh? How did it?

  2. For as terrible as he is talking about combat sports. He actually predicted this perfectly and I am beyond shocked

  3. Man who cares what Stephen A. Smith thinks he's no boxing expert he will get mad if u say that n say that he thinks so much of himself,he sounds like he knows something here but watch the fight and listen to him has no clue what's going on he's not max kellerman that dude has forgotten more than most of us even no.

  4. AJ VS FURY I STILL GOT AJ this is a big fight tho for us brits we got 2 British good heavyfoght superfight it should be in wembley uk Everyone will be thereeeee so sickkk

  5. Why does it seems ESPN is always rooting for the black dude! Of course. Now that fury won look how many videos ESPN posted of Fury koing Wilder. 1? Wow just wow. That was the best heavyweight fight ever and ESPN just ignores the white guy winning. Their such an embarrassment

  6. Fury is not great fighter he just used Kiktschco technique to win clinch hold lean to use weight to take away opponents legs

  7. So SAS was pretty close. Fury did stop him in the 11th by KO. I raised an eyebrow when Smith commented that Fury was "allowed" to gain all that weight. Clearly he wasn't allowed, these are heavy weights and they can come in as heavy as they want. I'm going to chalk that up to poor word choice.
    And when Smith was talking about Joshua, I about fell off my chair laughing — because he was so right. Every time it looks like the stars are going to align for a big fight with Joshua, Joshua finds some way to lose.

  8. thing with a one punch fighter is. Once he uses his best punch and either misses or does not get a ko. He loses his heart and is easy picking cus, due to having a huge punch never learned to box or thought little was good enough. That's Wilder. And btw. In the heavyweight division everyone is a heavy hitter. I forgot to say. When you look for the KO you open yourself and, missing power punches is tiring. So heavy punchers always get owned when they lack boxing skills or meet a guy who knows how to box better and is cerebral.

  9. You can see in his eyes and tone of voice he hates the fact the white bol is better and hands down going to win.

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