Squatting 725lbs in a commercial gym

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Come through and lift with the Misfit Crew at:
Corrupted Strength
803 summer park dr
Suite 150
Stafford, Texas

Gym Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 6AM – 11PM
Friday: 7AM – 10PM
Saturday: 8AM – 8PM
Sunday: 10AM – 6PM

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Russel Orhii

26 bình luận trong “Squatting 725lbs in a commercial gym

  1. Huge fan you actually got me in to power lifting. Could you do a video on what to do if you want to start competing and even on starting your own brand

  2. For your military following, it would be cool to see you try one of our fitness test. I'm in the Air Force which has the easiest one that contains, push ups for a minute, sit ups for a minute, and then a mile and a half run for time. Definitely would be outside of the box for you and would be super dope to see! #GetBetterToday

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  4. 6:00 it's so true. I've seen people stop what their doing to see someone do a 405 squat or bench like it's the most amazing feat of strength in the world.

  5. I like how the guy next to him is doing full acrobatic stretches with 135 on the bar while russ just casually is doing 700+ next to him lmap

  6. cant believe you didn't attract more of a crowd! everyone in that gym probably witnessed the strongest person they'll ever see with their own eyes that day and didn't realize.

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