"Sore loser! An idiot!" Tyson Fury reveals what was said between him & Deontay Wilder after huge win

Tyson Fury speaks to Steve Bunce and tells him what his words were to Deontay Wilder after their epic fight.

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27 bình luận trong “"Sore loser! An idiot!" Tyson Fury reveals what was said between him & Deontay Wilder after huge win

  1. Tyson fury an absolute gent 👏wilder is just a bad loser lol 😆THERES ONLY ONE TYSON FURY. Wilder took a walk on the wild side and got smashed to pieces 😳☮💯👊👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥊🥊🥊❤🤍💙

  2. The reality is so hard that sometimes even point-to-point love that develops in the chest becomes helpless.
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  3. Wilder is probably gonna blame gloves. Fury wore horse hair gloves. The hairs can go to the sides in gloves leaving space for knuckles. Wilder was not allowed MNX Punchers gloves and had to go with Everlast. He had knuckle injuries with those gloves anyway.Tyson won fair amd square but these are probably the things in Wilder's mind.🤔

  4. I grew up spoiked watching boxing during its golden age of heavyweight fighters like Ali , Frazier , Foreman , Shavers, Norton , Lyle, , Patterson , Chuvalo , and of course Ali . to name a few .
    Then the dreadful late 80's and especially the 90's came ( before and after Mike Tyson ) and all the belts were divided and rarely unified .
    Then a like a breath of fresh air , Fury came along .
    First time I watched one of his fights I was really surprised at how elusive he was for a nearly 300 pound man .
    I have become a huge fan , especially his overcoming a major depression like he did. He had let himself go especially his weight , then he come back better then ever .
    Personally I think when Fury got up in the first fight after taking Wilders best shot , broke Wilder . Since that fight Fury has looked even more dominant .
    Wilders not getting another title fight as long as Furys champ now. . Wilder is now 0-2-1 against him with no controversy over who won the fights .

  5. Wilder cannot accept the fact that he got dethroned as the king of the heavyweight division by not just any man but a white white man. Like most black fighters who think losing to white fighters is an insult. he has no more excuses. He fury won the first too fights nd they still gave him a 3rd fight eventho the trillogy shouldve been over. He still lost by tko and now hes questionable as 2nd best considering he has yet to fight aj

  6. The interviewer just seemed like a fan boy mithering fury at the end. He’s just done 11 big rounds and couldn’t be arsed with him.

  7. I think Tyson Fury is a great fighter but I'd say Lewis, Holyfield and Tyson would simply (in their prime) just pick him off…but he's tough and mentally tough so its good to imagine of their day who would win.

  8. Wilder is not a boxer he has no boxing skills. His footwork is horrible and his whole style is just awkward.

  9. There must be another Gipsy King sitting home somewhere watching the fight and thinking I'm gonna challenge Fury 😎

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