"SIR TYSON FURY?" Barry Jones Reacts to Fury KO of Deontay Wilder | Talks Usyk & Fury Legacy

Boxing Social’s Rob Tebbutt spoke to former WBO super-featherweight champion Barry Jones following Tyson Fury’s win over Deontay Wilder

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28 bình luận trong “"SIR TYSON FURY?" Barry Jones Reacts to Fury KO of Deontay Wilder | Talks Usyk & Fury Legacy

  1. Was it really one of the greatest fights apart from round 3 and 4 Tyson Fury again absolutely battered him again

  2. Shame Barry went an worked for hearn when Frank Warren was paying him,love his commentary he messed up a good career,sounds like he's taking some money from hearn by his bias though,and why talk about Whyte being his next fight? Wallin will beat him easily,and nobody outside of the hardcore boxing fans in the UK care about Whyte,and "stadium fights" fury Vs wilder 2 is the biggest grossing fight from a gate fee in boxing history…so "80 thousand people at Wembley" is a lie isn't it

  3. Think wilder lost a bit speed also bulking up…that speed and power is a killer… But fury seems to be able to do it all lol… worried me for a min or 2..haha…but just showed that he is a true worrier in the ring..👑👑👑👑

  4. It was a amazing fight.. reason being..it was a back and forth war…a slug fest…knock downs..who was going to win..loads of excitement…that's what the average fan wants to see…all boxing fans … If it was one side boxing lesson it would of been great..but it was a war ..

  5. Tyson used to actually be more outspoken about certain things pre Klitschko and I didn't mind that version of him either. But the powers that be definitely didn't like that and he was basically sensored. I haven't a problem though that he's decided to just tow the line and show himself to be an inspiration through his action in the ring.

  6. AJ's win against Fury was more entertaining, it had everything, excitement, drama and a knockout. Fury's win against Klitchko was a boring snoozefest

  7. Barry says all the things I'm thinking during the fight, even when the crowd or other voices haven't spotted them. A lot of stuff I don't see too. Feels like he's on a different level to other commentators in reading fights. Boxing IQ on point.

  8. No Barry Wilder was doing the jab to body to pepper the taller man then lost it. He was out of range and won the first 3rounds. If he did that for the whole fight he would've won. Go watch Malignaggi (the only pundit in boxing better than you) against Shenchenko. Malik had a spot on game plan and wilder didn't stick to it.

  9. Joshua would be intimidated by either Fury or Wilder. He would be scared of taking shots and he hasn't got the chin of either one. Wilder is faster than Joshua and Fury is slicker.

  10. Fury also has a win over Steve Cunningham, another cruiserweight champion who tried to make it at heavyweight. Cunningham was about the same size as Usyk and maybe he would have done well, but he ran into Tyson Fury and did well at first until Tyson changed his style and bulldozed him into a KO.

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