Today I practiced Shotokan Karate Kata “Gankaku”.
Kata Gankaku was my go to competition kata back in the day.
Gankaku is one of the most difficult karate kata to master and execute. The Shotokan Kata has a very complex rhythm, and sequences where great balance is required. The kata gets its name “Gankaku” from the signature one legged yoko geri towards the end of the kata. It appear as though one is a “Crane on a rock”.
Again, very difficult to master, but at the same time very rewarding and should be reserved for more advanced shotokan karate practitioners.


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  1. Hello Karate Fam!
    Thank you for joining me in today's practice, please LIKE, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE 🙂
    Jason 🙂

  2. Don’t you just love this Kata. Very nice side snap kick. My 2nd Dan Kata. Just had knee replacement. Knee great. But my side snap kick really sucks. Hips just not there. So doing lots of yoga to loosen the hips. Not only that. Doc says I need to replace the left hip. Eventually. But the Yoga and stretching is really helping beyond what I thought it would do. I’m walking straighter. And not waking up with a lot of pain. Actually moving quickly out of bed. When it’s been years from not doing something. Takes time to get it back. Nice vid. Sempi. Oss. Much respect.

  3. Hi Jason ,
    Good work as Always, technics and application are respected.
    2 mm for the vidéo, but how many hours before, to reach and understand this results ?
    Thank you.

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