ShaqDesiel VS Oscar De La Olla Official Fight

We have 2 men from 2 different worlds. What would happen if a 325LBS NBA Legend Faced of against a 165LBS Boxing Legend. This is The NBA VS Boxing People. Shaquiel Oniel VS Oscar De La Oya. This is an exhibition Match 5 Rounds 2 Min Long. Round 5 will only be 1 min. YA SE ARMO!!!!! Who are you Picking?


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  1. Come over to my IG follow and watch the big event this weekend 🔥🔥🤙🏽

  2. Man watching this fight is crazy, my boxing coach trained and fought Oscar and seeing Oscar fight its literally the same techniques I don't know it's weird to me

  3. Clearly they felt bad for oscar🤣 I saw Shaq beat his ass kept the chin eye shook off every punch and was the aggressor in the fight😂 they only gave hoya the W because shaqs 7foot1 triple his weight

  4. lmfao boxing is the way for small guys to be tough…with rules. shaq could grab him pick em up over his head and throw him no problem lol

  5. shaq went really easy. at any time he could have walked him into the corner and murdered him. he never tried actually throwing power shots. anyone who thinks he was going hard is a fool. now a bigger boxer would clean shaq up but oscar cant stop shaq from doing anything he wants. hes just to small period.

  6. If Oscar had trained in the UK with the Windsors, he could have learned how to shapeshift as large as Shaq. Oscar would knock his arse out, disembowel and cannibalize him.

  7. Not even real fight they're going half throttle Oscar De La Hoya hits harder than that it was entertaining to watch though

  8. Shaq is amazing. he did great in the swimming competition, did great in this boxing match, he is a once-in-a-generation type athlete.

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