Sean O'Malley SENDS MESSAGE to Jon Jones, Gilbert Burns TAKES A SHOT at Leon Edwards, Perry-sparring

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MMA news today:

JON JONES training for his UFC return

GILBERT BURNS takes a shot at Leon Edwards & calls out Jorge Masvidal

BENEIL DARIUSH explains why he turned down fight with Islam Makhachev

MIKE PERRY posts new sparring footage

DANIEL CORMIER previews Islam Makhachev vs. Dan Hooker

SEAN O’MALLEY on Jon Jones’ latest arrest

00:00 – Footage of Mike Perry sparring heavyweight fighter
02:32 – Gilbert Burns takes a shot at Leon Edwards
04:21 – Sean O’Malley sends a message to Jon Jones
05:36 – Jon Jones posts new training footage
06:48 – Daniel Cormier on Islam Makhachev vs. Dan Hooker
08:29 – Beneil Dariush on why he turned down Islam Makhachev

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39 bình luận trong “Sean O'Malley SENDS MESSAGE to Jon Jones, Gilbert Burns TAKES A SHOT at Leon Edwards, Perry-sparring

  1. Real talk, I am over jones' bs. Why? Because he always get the pass. Now he is coming with these training videos saying he is back on track meanwhile, no one is condemning him for being a woman beater in front of his kids. Idc how badass he is. He gets the pass every single time. Others in the ufc got the boot for less, but he gets the pass for all of his ish. I lost all respect for this pos and I don't feel sorry for the stupid since his fiancée is willing to stay with this pos. All Dana white cares about is money. Smdh . And he wonders why alot are going to bellator? Smdh. His organization is rotting from the inside out and he can care less. All he cares about is who can make him the most money and put butts in the seats. Smdh

  2. I,me, myself,his 3 favourite words I fuckin love Jones in the cage but fuck that he's great but cunts have already starting saying he's a good fighter I don't condone what he done was weak and narcissists and sociopaths hate that feeling,it's like2 are becoming and intertwined and it must make him feel ashamed but he doesn't see it fuckin prick.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😎👌💯

  3. Anyone else think O’Malley is a wiener always wearing his name on his clothes… how much attention u need pal. Like a kardashian

  4. when Perry burst on to the UFC i thought he was going to fight for the belt one day,he still might in the twilight.

  5. Obviously Sean has done shit drunk related to this. This is inexcusable. This isnt some fat guy at the bar. This is a trained professional athlete who is not only a monster but is undefeated which means other grown men who are world champs couldnt beat him so hes a walking weapon and he put his hands on the mother of his kids. To the point they rather see their dad in a cell then with them. i lost respect for Sean

  6. Jon Jones' ENTIRE career is now nothing more than damage limitation and attempts at positive PR. Sad to see such a great figher muck everything up so much that no one cares any more.

  7. I noticed Mike Perry is incorporating more head movement. But if he wants to do more boxing, it's about the footwork too. He eats too many punches coming forward. But I'm sure with hard graft he can fix these things up as he is showing he is trying to better himself.

  8. Dear Jon, we don't need to see videos of your kids to believe you aren't a POS. It's not our place to judge and honestly just NOT getting arresting for beating on a woman would be good enough for me. You can probably continue to be a horrible role model and parent to those kids. But we won't know about it, it's your personal life. But when it bleeds into this… JUST STOP IT ex-GOAT

  9. I mean I love jones fighting style…..but man that guy is a real psychopath, posting those videos with the family after he beat her up

  10. Leon is a scrub. Like Gil said he's not beaten ANYONE of Actual importance in years. He needs to fight a legit top 5 guy and BEAT him convincingly.

    Jon Jones should suspended for 5 years for this type of behavior

  11. Beneil sounds like some cartoon character, just can't figure which one. Bart simpson? I dunno' help me out guys.

  12. I mean I hate Jon Jones as much as the next man but I agree with O'malley who the fuck are we to judge and maybe he would be better if he got some help , I wonder if DC would ever reach out to him but that's probably never gonna happen since their history of bad blood. I think DC could be one person to talk some sense into Jones

  13. Imagine being jon jones's kids, being told your dad beats your mom, and hits pregnant women with cars, only to flee the scene, high on cocaine.
    And then imagine legit mma fighters, and staff – defend this type of person, even going so far as to gift him million dollar event.
    Fuck UFC, and fuck mma if this goes through. Im done. And will never pay another cent to either the UFC of american MMA …

  14. Jon is GOAT… see his record jst wow! he beat all the legends…highest def. champ….still no one beat him….future H/W champ….thats why some fighters jealous of him

  15. darius would win makhachev for sure! ….and its make me very very satisfy when striker k.o wrestler …..lets go hooker

  16. "Damage Control" video of jon jones playing with his daughters is pretty pathetic.
    You're still a POS even when you're not drunk and punching your wife

  17. I don't get it, how do Jon's trainers and partners make a living, by standing next to Jones for 10 years, until he finally fights at heavyweight?

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