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  1. The Russian police is like any third world police. Cruel, evil, sadistic and unfair. So I don't know why it's so great that one of them is a karate champion.

  2. I'm thinking Shotokan or something Okinawan. Lots of hip action in the punches.

    I hope that she's spreading around her skills with her people. She might need them some day when her back is turned to someone bad.

  3. I love the techno music in the background. Personally, I would have used the theme to Mortal Kombat.

  4. Alright a liked that traing i was checked the pskov aikido who just fokused on double punch on throat its to little break leg tactics she is good.

  5. @Scanon66 No it's like more of a fancy series of flashy kicks and punches. Don't get me wrong, I think Karate is a fun sport martial art, but I think most of the time it's useless in a street/bar fight. Plus, her punches might not be that strong, I mean, not that much power is being exerted from those types of punches (My dad did Karate and I've done some too.) and plus her punches wouldn't really have power anyway since her mass is probably going to be much less than a male.I don't know though.

  6. the stupid acting scene with a kid was really unnecesary James Brown…
    instead you could've let the karate woman punch you in the face – yes, that would be better.

  7. @JailGuide That is true. She is point fighter and point fighters dont have any idea of reality fighting because they are not used to full-contact. It would be a different story if she has goldmedals from Kyokushin-karate, kickboxing or muay thai.

  8. what a cliche' way to end the video, I think it would have been funny if he just put one hand on the kids forehead and held him out of reach…

  9. I want to marry her. Svetlana I'm a Serb God bless you and give them a break sometimes. You are beautiful and feminine. In the west the girls who do this are fat and mostly gay.

  10. @Rusfi16 Not all 🙂 Typically are Masha (Maria), Lena (Elena), Anna, Tanja, Natalja (Natasha), Nadezda (Nadja), Irina, Svetlana, Olga. And other names 🙂

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