Release Soon & ESBC in Boxing Telecast? (eSports Boxing Club)

Could ESBC be coming really close to its desired release date and will we start to see more of an interaction between ESBC and actually boxing broadcast?

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  1. Very interested to see at what state they're willing to release the game, due to the ever evolving nature of what constitutes a "finished" game. I feel like the initial release will not be feature complete, in order to get it out sooner. So in a way it will be early access, just not in name.

  2. I don't know man. I was sure we were going to get something more with the Fury v Wilder fight last weekend. That would have been the best opportunity to reach the biggest audience, no way is Canelo v Plant going to be on par with that. If they have some agreement in place with Canelo for the first new boxer to showcase that might be it but I don't see why they would have made that deal knowing they had Fury and Wilder was signed at least a couple of months ago. Maybe they thought it wasn't going to happen so made a deal on that. I'm just worried it's that far away that they didn't see the point of going hard at this time which suggests to me at least early 2022.

  3. Not hating on the Game but i believe this game will never come out, sorry i don't want to p*ss anyone off but they have Fury Wilder in game in ESBC they could have shown something with those 2, all those eyes on that Fury fight, i give up hope on it no, i hope i am wrong. They had Canelo Months ago but no gameplay of him also all the other Boxers like the Women we seen nothing, mmmmmmmmmm. this time next year it still won't have been released and i luv Boxing and is hard for me saying this. I hope i am wrong.

  4. I want them to take as much time as they need to make the game exactly the way they envisioned it. With that said I hope it comes out this year or at least within the first 3 months of next year.

  5. They should release a video of Canelo and plants renders in the ring the day or week of the fight with the release date at the end….if Canelo is the cover athlete it only makes sense

  6. I say next summer. Keep showing game play until majority of community are happy. STEEL CITY 1❤ Big up 2 CC 1❤

  7. I'm not in a rush anymore. I just don't want a rushed project & the game fails. If it does we will never see a proper boxing game again! ESBC take your time to make a masterpiece! 1❤

  8. I hope it releases soon, idk why they just keep adding boxers and not adding the release date, I been waiting since last year, looking at to see if a release date is coming and they kept lying, last year they said December of 2020, then march, then late summer, if they lie one more time idk anymore, I'm ready to climb the ranks but don't have patients anymore so I give up on the game, surprised its not out yet

  9. wow great channel bro i just found your channel keep up the great work bro im Andrew Tucker a boxing content creator and analyst and commentator great channel brother much respect

  10. I personally don’t see this game coming out until around March. This game has gained massive support and with that comes great expectations. And I don’t mind waiting if it means we get a great game.

  11. I truly believe this game could release at the end of this year…with the gameplay we saw around two months ago and with them saying they are working on polishing the game, I do believe we could see this game before the new year…fingers crossed because I’m desperate to play this.

  12. I'm thinking release will probably be right in between Canelo/plant and Crawford/Porter that makes the most sense to me

  13. Early 2022 just because the number. Of talent they have signed and need to scan. They're a small studio trying to crank everyone out asap.

  14. I have a feeling it’s been pushed back a bit. Q1 2022. But some folks think it’s been pushed to 2023 and I just cannot agree. I think the game is much further along than we think.

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