Reactions to Conor McGregor's 2nd LOSS to Dustin Poirier, UFC 264 results,Burns vs Thompson,O'Malley

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UFC 264 Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 3 results


MMA COMMUNITY react to Conor McGregor’s second loss to Dustin Poirier

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41 bình luận trong “Reactions to Conor McGregor's 2nd LOSS to Dustin Poirier, UFC 264 results,Burns vs Thompson,O'Malley

  1. Credit to Topuria, there was nothing to gain from the Hall fight and everything to lose. He took the guy everyone was dodging. Happy for him, Hall might be one of those guys who inactivity fucked bad.

  2. All loser got chance to talk shit abt Conner !! Well done .. these losers knew already they would not get those achivement which he already got !!

  3. Yeah the pre prelims and the prelims there was some good fights it was nice to have some free fights that were good not necessarily the last one but there are there fights that were really good

  4. Does anyone else feel bad for Kris I feel like he could of lasted the rest of that fight even though it might not have been the best thing for the guy but he fought his ass off I feel like you deserve to finish and I think he would have I don't think you would have got knocked out and O'Malley he knocks people out but could not knock him out so I feel like that shouldn't have been stopped

  5. Is that dude from Australia who knocked out Greg Hardy how many fighters are from Australia I don't think there's many I think hunt was from Australia

  6. I feel like the reason why Wonderboy lost was all the takes Downs takeaway the takedown Wonder Boy would have one in my opinion

  7. What a shity way to win though right I wouldn't want to win a fight because someone's ankle broke Poirier said that it broke on a kick I'm not sure if I believe that or not but I'm not a kicker I don't know if you can break your bone by checking a kick

  8. Its time for Conner to retire I have been saying this even before he lost his 2nd fight against Dustin, he has nothing to prove he is a 2 division champion and always will be. Made plenty of money for multiple generations no need to continue to put his body thru this, his broken shin/ankle is a sign of his body breaking down due to years of abuse, just my opinion.

  9. Was it a good idea to interview someone with a broken leg considering people who are knocked out don’t get interviewed ?

  10. Connor didn't loose and Dustin and Herb are both bitch's Herb should be fired and Dustin is a coward to come see me in Vegas bitch boy's and I'll say it to both of you at the same time you both seen Connors leg snap and Dustin jumped on him anyway a real fighter would have stepped off and a professional ref would have stopped it right away not allow the other guy to pound on him until the bell rings that tarnished the UFC they definitely don't protect their fighters

  11. Conor just got a free title fight from uncle Dana. Dana will set up Dustin for a title fight and if he wins, surprise surprise Dustin vs Connor 4.

  12. People assume the fighter will be able to return to form after some rehab. A severely broken ankle that one may never heal completely. The ankle may become weak and prone to injury. Time will tell.

  13. That's weird khabib would weight in if he didn't just lay on his opponents and dry hump them every fight he was in would end with him leaving in a ambulance guy has no hands at all

  14. Notice how Luke and Ariel were the only ones still trying to sniff Conors jockstrap. My boy from Lafayette beat the brakes off of him once again. That's what he gets for talking trash about his wife.

  15. Ha Ha Ha conor would have a better chance of winning against Mrs Poirier.
    That pounce has no class insulting his opponents family, faith and background.
    You are a old man so stop acting like a preschooler.
    This loudmouth doesn't reflect the characteristics of the Irish.
    He is a disgraceful golddigger.

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