Pokemon Rejuvenation – Part 10: Gym Leader Keta

Welcome back to Pokemon Rejuvenation! In episode 10, we blow away a gym leader and meet a cheeky robot! ▻▻▻ Enjoy the video? Subscribe!



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  1. @1:23 "that boy is looking kinda sickly" me watching this after the last episode of where love lies, sitting here being sad as fuck

  2. I don't see why people are mad at shofu for a running from a shiny, I caught 5 shiniest already, and I'm at the grotto

  3. Nigga wtf is that lucario and why isn't it its official shiny instead of that nasty ass lime green shit that it has

  4. I can't believe you just breezed through that gym battle on your first try. Maybe it's cuz I'm on intense mode, but that shit's impossible.

  5. Dont kill me, but SEC's facial expressions and general attitude kinda remind me of flowey..

    Just a statement, thats all.

  6. shofu pokemon rejuvenation drinking game—
    take a drink every time shofu:
    -says "the goons!", "there's just no way", or "HUH?"
    -starts singing XO Tour Llif3
    -gets mad about the field effects/battle mechanics or plot inconsistencies
    -roasts on a NPC

    finish your drink if he loses a battle or finds a shiny
    enjoy getting fuqed up lol

  7. Was inspired to start a new playthrough of this game after seeing you do start it again, woke up to a corrupted save file after I've put 50 hrs into this new one on intense. Fml

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