"One of the greatest of all time!" | Adam Smith talks Fury's win over Wilder & Joshua, Usyk rematch

Adam Smith joined Sky Sports news to react to Tyson Fury’s stunning win over Deontay Wilder, Whyte or Wallin being called to fight Fury next, Joshua & Usyk’s rematch, and previews this coming weekend’s card involving Hughie Fury, Lewis Ritson and Chris Eubank.



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  1. AJ is nothing else than hype job, he doesnt belong in the same ring as Tyson Fury. Master of rematches haha

  2. Tyson fury is a very good boxer and his excellence is because for a man his size he moves well. His fight was not as good as the first fight when demonstrated his boxing skills or even the second fight when he completely neutralised wilder. The fight was a very enjoyable one but for the purist it lacked boxing panache but the bravery of both boxers was up there. The thing l like most about Tyson is his humility since he has been through so much in his life he speaks and acts in an good way. The better man won!

  3. Tyson Fury's record is factually better than Lennox Lewis'. Further the person should know that Vitali Klitshko completely dominated Lennox Lewis and then the referee stopped the fight due to cut for political reasons. Factually by record the best heavyweight champs so far are Rocky Marciano and Tyson Fury and Tyson Fury probably is the better man and is already the best. If boxing would have been allowed in Eastern Europe (instead of banned due to being considered violent during communism_) in a objective boxing unions (instead of only american owned organizations) you would have never even heard of Muhammed Ali or Frazer.

  4. AJ is the greatest boxer of all time period. He's mental skills even greater than a domesticated goat. Good man good man

  5. Tyson Fury is no doubt one of the greatest heavy weights at this time but of all time? Which other greatest of all time only defended his belt(s) once? Let's first give him a chance to defend his belt against the other top heavyweights of our time.

  6. Fury is a great fighter and he is probably the best heavyweight out there at this time – but hasn’t proved himself to be in the same league as Ali, Foreman, Lewis,Tyson etc. Let’s be honest he beat an ageing Klitschko, and Wilder who is honestly the worst heavyweight champion in decades – yes he’s a massive puncher but was always going to be found out and I think Fury knew this from day one. Usyk is an incredible boxer but I think Fury’s size would be too much for even him. If he beats Usyk, AJ, Whyte and maybe one other then he would deserve to be mentioned as an all time great but not just yet.

  7. I don't get why people jump so fast on the "greatest of all time" wagon. Aj fans did that with AJ also until he got beaten by Ruiz Jr. And some kept doing that even after the Ruiz Jr fights. I wrote several comments telling people to calm down. And that AJ still hadn't fought a single elite fighter in his prime and that Usyk would be his first real opponent. And AJ got absolutely obliterated by Usyk as i expected. And now they do it with Fury. Deja vu! Calm down!! While I DO think Fury is special and good, It's WAY too soon to even mention Fury as one of the greatest of all time. He has fought the same guy 3 times and a 40 year old Klitschko. While those wins were special and remarkable, Usyk would have done the same thing but without being even close to knocked down. I think Usyk schools Fury too. That's the fight that needs to be made and whoever wins that fight will go down in boxing history as one of the greatest of all time. Especially if Usyk wins considering how he stepped up from cw as the undisputed champion. His amateur background with 300wins+ And his olympic gold(which he actually deserved unlike AJ )

  8. If this isn't sky sports attempt of butterting tyson and Frank up for a move from bt sport then I don't know what is 🤣🤣

  9. Comparing fury vs wilder to aj and klitscho(sorry about the spelling) is comical, this was 2 top fighters, not aj fighting an old man just looking 1 more payday

  10. If we all say Deontey is a limited boxer, why does Fury get such props? Entertaining fight, but rubbish boxing from both really.

  11. Also wilder apparently has only one wepon big right hand not alot else he put fury down 3 times some of the other heavy weights have weigh more to offer

  12. Wilder – Big heart, hammer fist, but no honour! Fury – big heart, a natural boxer and down to earth!

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