Muay Thai Champion vs. Taekwondo Black Belt | Lawrence Kenshin

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Changpuek Kiatsongrit is a legend in Muay Thai for proving its effectiveness despite a significant weight and rule disadvantage. Here he faces a Taekwondo black belt in the prestigious K-1 tournament, but under a special rules karate fight.

I am a striking analyst that’s so far focused on breaking down combat sports. I’ve been fortunate enough to have major fight camps, legends, and elite martial artists give testimonials to my work – If you’ve enjoyed this breakdown, be sure to check out my usual work in combat sports.

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27 bình luận trong “Muay Thai Champion vs. Taekwondo Black Belt | Lawrence Kenshin

  1. As a former wtf tdko student I can tell he's bloody naïf and that he payed cash the low arms attitude. Boxers are so f…. strong, never let the distance get short, it's a dangerous place to be. Tkdo has leg tools to keep the adversary away. It's good to know your strong points, better to know your weak ones.

  2. Really blackbelt? he is looks like someone who started training taekwondo. His leg not wide open yet and his range really short.

  3. It seems that the TKD fighter is more of a "sport/point" fighter than a experienced full contact fighter. Spinning kicks are usually used defensively and as a counter attack. The TKD fighter's choices show a real lack of understanding of the competition at hand.

  4. For me, Muay Thai is the best. Taekwondo is only good to see during exhibition or demonstration ONLY. You saw what happened to Taekwondo blackbelt ….he looked like an amateur fighter compared to Muay thai fighter !

  5. Taekwondo is a great art but has lost its sting by turning it into point scoring sport. TKD practitioners need serious re-training (incl giving up the bad habit of letting their hands hang limp by the sides) & re-conditioning to participate in mixed martial arts events. Only then they can bring out the true potential of their TKD kicks.

  6. Obviously the champion is going to beat the random black belt lol. Doesn't matter what sport or discipline.

  7. Muay thai is like krav maga version of boxing: lot of kicking to shins and other sensitive parts and elbow and knee kicks. Meanwhile TKD honorably only focuses on hitting on torso and head. Also what makes this hard for TKD guy is that he's not used to continious sparring like the muay thai guy.

    IDC what anyone cares, fight me

  8. this taekwondo guy conditioning sucks ,that muay thai guy dont even looks like he was injured and this taekwondo guy keeps going down

  9. Another awesome video. Changpuek needs a movie! Would probably be able to do a really good series on Netflix just from your videos!

  10. It's an old fight but the tkd gentleman is telegraphing his spinning back kick as well as fighting with his hands down. Ik the video is old, and it tells by his strike selection, against an opponent who obviously isn't bothered by any of the few kicks he was throwing. Great match overall, from both fighters! I learned from this for sure.

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