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  1. @16:19 I don't understand why people talk shit about other people's mom. That's really bad. Talk bad about the opponent, it's flaws, it's bad decisions etc, but why bring an innocent mom into the picture. It's really atrocious.
    FYI, although it sounds funny, but "yo Momma jokes are kinda personal".

  2. Wilder was a prick still a prick now a has been Brilliant how stupid does the mug I mean bomb squad look 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Esses que desrespeitam são tudo fracassados. Perdedores. São tudo bando de animal. Desrespeito com a arte marcial. Decepcionante.

  4. UFC fighters (for the most part) don't know a thing about respect.
    One Championship fighters on the other hand, are VERY respectful toward each other.
    ONE also has some of the very best martial artists on the planet!

  5. Now go and watch pressconference from an hour ago for Fury – Wilder 3, and you will see what Fury has done to this clown

  6. That indian and pakistan dude the guy talking shit bout wat hes lost his wife kids amd all that i would of killed someone

  7. Awww that wilder bit is pretty savage mental illness is not a thing to knock like that plus fury overcame that and became the champion f knows how but he did

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