MMACanada TV: Misha Cirkunov vs. Jeff Doyle Ringside MMA "Triple Threat"

Xtreme Couture Toronto’s Misha Cirkunov battles Jeff Doyle at Ringside MMA “Triple Threat”. Both of these fighters making their pro MMA debut in Quebec. catches the long-awaited fight in front of the many fans in attendance. Check out for more behind the scenes coverage


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  1. don't be pissed off at the ref there was no way you were getting out with a beastly judo/BJJ blackbelt with both hooks on your back with mount

  2. I've felt Misha's grapling power and he was going easy on me… you don't want that guy to get his hands on you bro, dudes got robot strength… bend your bones like its copper

  3. The light heavy div. Is 186-205 so it was within weight class. Mishap has a tough fight this weekend in Atlanta, GA though.

  4. Light heavy division is 186 to 205 unified rules so it wad within the weight class. The dude didn't have to take it. Mishap has a tough in front of him Saturday in Atlanta GA though.



  6. I give JD credit, he has balls to step into that ring with Misha. Was it an early call? no, there was no way that fight was gonna be anything other than what it was, a massacre.

  7. Misha way to represent. Plus even if the ref didn't stop the fight be serious u see the way Misha was throwin that dude around u cant even say he had a chance. Dudes expression at the end lol i feel you man but Misha deserved it good job.

  8. Reminded me of the Bobby Lashley vs Wes Sims fight from this past weekend. Other then that… im glad Misha won. If it wasnt stopped then, he would have layed an ass whooping on the other guy.

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