MMA Pros Pick – Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier – Part 8

The final video of fighters picking the UFC 257 main event – Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier on Jan 23. Timestamps below.
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00:00 – Intro
00:04 – Dan Hooker – UFC lightweight
01:09 – Andrew Sanchez – UFC middleweight
01:52 – Karl Roberson – UFC middleweight
01:57 – Roxanne Modafferi – UFC flyweight
02:20 – Tyson Nam – UFC flyweight
02:32 – Mike Grundy – UFC featherweight
02:42 – Michael Chiesa – UFCC welterweight

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UFC 257 takes place Jan. 23 on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Conor McGregor headlines the card against Dustin Poirier in rematch at lightweight.

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James Lynch

41 bình luận trong “MMA Pros Pick – Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier – Part 8

  1. Here goes my prediction. I don't know if this will knock poirier out but i except to connect with a spinning kick and either Tko or atleast stun Dustin.

  2. I like Conor and want him to win but my instinct says Dustin is gonna pull off an upset. But I wish I am wrong.

  3. Conor is too damn Dynamic, people underestimate his skill set so much, his style changed when he fought Cowboy, he is so flexible and efficient, he is also a very crafty individual, just too good for Dustin I feel like. Of course, I could be wrong but I just don't see how Dustin is going to beat Conor anywhere. Also hope to make some money off it by saying Conor by TKO 3 minutes in.

  4. Roxanne the most feminist fighter ever, quotes rousey for not being a role model and laughs it off, then states she doesn't like mcgregor because of his conduct. Hypocrite… rousey is still trashy, as least mcgregor is improving his character.

  5. What I've realised from watching these MMA picks is that these fighters really don't appreciate the art of striking

  6. Why does everyone think McGregors cardio is so bad? 5 rounds with Diaz, 4 with Khabib, he can make those longer rounds. I honestly think it’s crazy picking Poirier, Poirier is an ideal match up for Conor. He is easily hit, likes to strike and his chin is weathered. Only way I can see Dustin winning is by a guillotine or some freak submission.

  7. Everyone of these interviews “Conor is way better but you know Dustin is such a good guy so I think Dustin will win “ it’s actually getting embarrassing.

  8. It is refreshing how many ppl have come around from the mcgregor hate train & start admitting he got where he is for a reason. Love or hate him, he's still really good. I never count out Dustin. Conor does have the edge & the eyes for striking. Dustin's got that dog in him. Looking forward to the fight.

  9. I have McGregor knocking Dustin Poirier out in the first round I hope it's the first round because if it's the second round it means Dustin's going to be beaten viciously for a least one whole round and nobody wants that

  10. so many Miesha Tate out there can't see the fighter but the personality most don't talk about what happens in the ring or make excuses bitter very bitter hahaha

  11. Roxanne says she dont like conor because of his behavior but she likes Rhonda quotes . Rhonda the most arrogant smartass ever in mma

  12. Dustin is a dead man walking. If McGregor can knocked down Nate Diaz with that iron chin. Dustin's chin isn't even close to Diaz.

  13. Dustin is a top fighter i think he can beat almost anyone at lightweight but conor is looking sharp focused and is a nightmare match up for dustin, another 1st ko for conor looks inevitable.

  14. Dustin has improved so much no doubt! But conor has timing that is on a whole different level! But what a great fight! Such a different fight then the last time! Much respect to them both! Let's do it guys! Best sport ever!

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