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  1. This is lib-tart,sjw & feminist kryptonite… They will scream SOY until we're all gone so LET THEM EAT SOY!

  2. Man bro I wish I had a man asked me that… I let my son now as long as daddy is hear I’ll be hear with you when you cry son but one day son you will cry alone and don’t worry just remember it’s ok life is hard and you will fail a lot but fight be strong 💪 and daddy will be here when you feel the wait of the world that pressure is unbelievable when your a good man your children and family is everything we forget about our own feelings trying to make sure everyone else is ok but be still my boy be calm the only madness is the storm make sure your soul and mind is calm no matter the Pain tears etc be calm stand strong but for now my boy daddy is always here it’s ok to cry learn to talk son about it that’s what hurts the most thinking as a man no one should
    Hear us cry see us hurt meanwhile our minds may be at all time low I’ll never repeat that cycle with my son I’m still emotionally disconnected til this day but I’m strong solid and loving just not sympathetic sometimes sympathy can only encourage the Enemy but sometimes may also encourage a hug which means a lot more

  3. Thats some deep stuff right there.. thats why boys need dads. I have a son and this is what i Want to teach him 🙏🏻

  4. Fuck sakes THIS IS WHAT A COACH IS. No wonder I quit karate, my Sensei was bashful and rude. People don't always need a drill instructor, they just need a real teacher, a guide.

  5. This is the way to raise men
    A lot of people, especially women
    Say things like…
    Man up
    Grow a pair
    Don't be such a baby
    It hurts like hell and makes us feel incompetent beyond imagination
    This man teaching is a man who has heard these things from a young age and wants to instill bravery into those to scared to push back against society
    a true warrior
    I thank you

  6. This is what martial arts are about, judo was the same for me
    Taught me discipline and made me the person i am today

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