22 bình luận trong “MILITARY GYM CHALLENGE

  1. Both versions are wrong the real challenge is placing the weights in front of you and then trying to stand up. If you place the weights by your side like these guys you’ll be able to do it because your stable and gravity isn’t pulling you forward but if place the weights in front of you, you have to get up while fighting gravity and not falling on your face.

  2. They're literally using the momentum from their legs by standing up, thus making this not challenging at all. The hardest part is to see how long they can hold it up, but other than that actually lifting the plates that high when you go from sitting to standing like that is just… Okay come on this is a joke does anyone actually think this is cool?

  3. The military guy spread his arms to the sides, while gym dude rolled from forward position to the sides, which makes it easier

  4. A lot of people aren’t doing it right u don’t get up super fast it’s supposed to be slow and they can only do it cause they hold it up for a literal second

  5. The military version is much harder…..the plate does not have any groove to hold it….you need a lot of grip strength too to do it with that.

  6. the gym guy's weights are fake lmfao u cant hold 40kg in front of u (not the side, front as he does) without falling forwards

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