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  1. This kind of move Is used in real street fights. I mean when is the last time you seen a fight where a guy jumped on top of a downed opponent just to elbow the shit out of him??? lol easier just to soccer kick the mofo!

  2. jon bones jones learned most of his moves from DVDS and anderson silva has even learned some moves from movies and dvds' look at thje knockout he did to tony fryklund

  3. i wanna fight them

    i weight 80 pounds ,but i think i could still beat them ;cause i am made of titanium aluminnolloy

  4. The Pride rules also prevented all that stalling on the ground, because there wasn't really a safe position to stall in. A North south position for example just turns into a stalemate most of the time now, whereas it would have been game over for the dude on the bottom.

  5. Unfortunatly they dont make the rules, the athletic commision does. It sucks but at least the government didnt ban mma entirely. I think M1 is going to be using Pride rules with the addition of elbows to the head.

  6. The soccer kicks and stomps were fine enough and made fighters think twice before taking things to the ground, the kicks never gave lasting damage unlike elbows opening cuts. The Pride rules didn't let barely decent wrestlers get such easy takedowns.

  7. I think they should just allow knees on the ground, and then it's good enough. Soccer kicks are just too dangerous to get allowed in any sport who wants to get bigger and recognized properly in the whole world.. exept if you are kicking balls 😛

  8. Shogun uses the soccer kicks alot!!! but now he's in the UFC and can't do that right? damn thats gonna throw his game of a little.

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