Lose 4 Kg In 7 Days – Daily Home Workout

Do you want to lose as much as 4kg in just one week? Today’s intensive full body workout will help you achieve that!

This workout can be done everyday BUT only if you feel you’re physically fit enough to do this. This is a really fun and effective workout but it can also be very challenging due to its high-intensity moves so make sure to take caution and do a warm-up first before you start.

Good luck and let’s begin the workout!❤️💪

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  1. Iam done with first day work out. Exhausted!!! I'm 12 yr old girl I am short so I need to lose weight so I can look much taller than I am. I am also doing height exercises..

  2. I started today. My weight is 72.5. Will try to update the results daily. My target weight is 62kg.
    Day 1 ✅ completed full exercise..in two sets.. one set morning and one set evening.
    Day 2✅completed one set morning and one set evening. Weight is 72.45kg. No change after one day.
    Day 3 ✅ weight is 71.85kg. Reduced 600g.Couldnt do one set mornig since was busy. So completed til 26mins evenng.
    Day 4✅ couldn’t exercise today. Weight is same.
    Day 5 ☑️ weight 71.5kg. Completed one set mornig.
    Day 6✅weight same ..71.5.. completed one set morning. Completed one set evening.
    Day 7✅weight 71.2kg. Completed one set mrng…one set evening.

    Completed one week . Lost 1.3kg.

    Day 8✅weight is same. Completed one set morning.

    I am hoping to reduce 4kg in one month..if I am able to do this exercise daily. Without any diet. .. I have lost 1kg in 6 days. 3 more kgs to go.

  3. OMGGGGG IT REALLY WORKKK I WAS 67kg now im 52 TFF I CANT BELIEVEEEEEE🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️you guys changed my life

  4. Starting today along with my water fast! I'll keep you guys updated.

    Day 1: 61 Kg
    Day 2: 61 Kg
    Day 3: 59 Kg
    Day 4: Rest day
    Day 5:58 Kg
    Day 6: 57 Kg

  5. This workout is too good even i lose 1 kg in 6 days but this really tired me my body is not paining but i feel lazy and i cant even study just want to sleep 😩

  6. Hey everyone so I am starting this workout today and will update you guys after 7 days
    Day 1✔️ :-did 2 times

  7. Day 1 me: oh, it’s so easy, easier than I thought😃😃
    Day 2 also me: ahhh, my leg!!! Hell nah, is it suppose to hurt this bad 😩😩

  8. guys please motivate me to do this, my birthday is in two months and i would really love to look and feel my best !!!!! 💕

  9. I started this today. I gave up all the exercises last week. I done half as I have to do some work at home. But in the evening I will complete. I'm 176cm in height and may be 79kg. Want to reach 54soon

  10. I'll keep updating. Please someone reply so I'll not forget. If i forget everyone will start thinking I'm dead
    Day 1: Done, hurting alot but I'm proud of myself
    Day 2:

  11. guys im gonna start doing this everyday for maybe around a month or 2 todays my first day so i will comment what differences i see everyday
    day 1 – finished – this honestly felt like i burned half of my weight already
    day 2 – today im definitely now as tired as yesterday and im honestly not that proud of myself as i know i can do better but its fine. also ever since yesterdays workout my things have been hurting and stiff
    day 3 – i didnt do it today bc it got late
    day 4 – finished
    day 5 – i didnt do it today
    day 6 – i didnt do it today either
    the reason i didnt do it for the last 2 days was because i felt tired and sick but from now on will not take a break
    day 7 – finished

  12. I am starting this workout today. Wish me luck everyone. Will be back after one month and will share the results with u people ❤️

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