Life Ending Knockouts: 10 MMA Fighters Who Almost Died in the Ring

Life Ending Knockouts: 10 MMA Fighters Who Almost Died in the Ring.
MMA Fighters Who Survived The Deadly Injuries In The Ring – If you were wondering what the most dangerous sport in the world is, then you should wonder no more. Many MMA fighters have died either competing in UFC or some lower levels of MMA competitions or getting ready for them since 2007. This video will prove to you that MMA fights are some of the deadliest ever, where the fighters risk their lives every time they step into the ring. Welcome to Top 10 World, and in this video, we have listed the top 10 MMA wrestlers who almost died in the ring and sustained the injuries received in the ring. Enjoy!
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  1. 'This fight will give you nightmares' yeah okay I've already got a tonne lined up after all the last ones so I think we're done here 🤣

  2. This sport is just so savage and brutal it's hard to believe people want to compete in it. And I can't imagine the brain damage from all those raw-boned hits to the head.

  3. Sorry but this video suck. Check fights from Pride and you will see what " almost died " fights looks like.

  4. For those who commented about ''just broken leg'', imagine u have a broken leg which will never get better for the rest of ur life.

  5. You are butchering your names please do more research as a big fan of UFC and also don't click bait we all would watch it if it was correctly titled

  6. I haven't watched this for a long time. I had no idea they were allowed to wail on defenseless people like that. People get killed (voluntarily) by this. Hard to watch, actually

  7. My kid could have pronounced the fighters name better than this guy. Dude u ever watched an mma fight before??

  8. Jesus was crucified. Bore our sins in His body. He rosefrom the dead in 3 days according to the scriptures. Trust in Him and gain eternal life. Without Him you're eternally lost.

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