Leon Edwards will become rich after fighting Jorge Masvidal at UFC 269, UFC 269 title bout postponed

Jorge Masvidal vs Leon Edwards set for UFC 269, Brandon Moreno vs Deiveson Figueiredo 3 postponed to the UFC 270 event, Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards react to UFC 269 announcement, Mackenzie Dern reacts to Marina Rodriguez loss at UFC Vegas 39 event and much more!

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33 bình luận trong “Leon Edwards will become rich after fighting Jorge Masvidal at UFC 269, UFC 269 title bout postponed

  1. Leon will out point Jorge for five rounds and get the decision win like always, and stil dont get the title shot.

  2. I dont understand why fighters that aren't champion (therefore don't get ppv point) ask for the "money" fights with the Stars of the ufc. They are under contract for a certain amount of pay and don't get paid more no matter who they fight. As far as I know Leon won't make any more to fight Jorge than anyone else

  3. So epic its going to be 3 rounds smh . Foh… he on a 2 fight losing streak. Yall mma fans are wild. Black fighter undefeated vs a journey man lol. Yall gonna pick who…amh

  4. If Nate Diaz was turning it up on Leon Edwards in the last round of their fight what in the hell do you think Jorge going to do to Leon Edwards he's going to beat him like a redheaded stepchild

  5. Why not give him a title shot? This is just stupid imo it’s a good fight but doesn’t make sense a man on 8 fight win streak vs a man who wins 2 and loses 2 every time.

  6. Praise be to Allah 🙏 FINALLY 🇬🇧 will school 🇺🇸Edwards will drill a 🕳 through the so called "Gamebred" one

  7. Edwards can win if the fight if it goes to the ground but i think he also has a stronger chin so it can go both ways for either fighter

  8. How can you call the fight between Masvidahl and Edwards a “mega bout” then in the next breath say it is going to be a three round fight?

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