Learn English with Friends | Ross' Karate "Skills"

Today you will learn English with one of the funniest clips ever from Friends, which features karate, the secret skill of “Unagi”, and the girls fighting Ross! By the end, you will be laughing out loud, and you’re going to improve your English vocabulary, pronunciation, and more!

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30 bình luận trong “Learn English with Friends | Ross' Karate "Skills"

  1. 🤩 Wanna take your English to the next level? Get 10 FREE Power Lesson PDF Guides with all the Native Vocab, Pronunciation, Grammar and much more: 👉👉 ​​http://bit.ly/Free-Power-Lessons

  2. Do you know Bruce Lee,l think everyone in this world has ever heard his name especially those who aged sixty something, he is good at martial arts and respected by his huge fans since he passed away in1973,his Chinese Kong Fu skills influence young guys in many countries, they are practicing it day and night not only strengthen their bodies and but also self-defense

  3. Thank you so much, Ollie.
    In this video, l have much more fun learning my English. These are tons of vocabulary is very useful.
    I can't control my laugh because Ross is a said repeat word whole the episode.

  4. I really wanted to know the meaning of unagi since very long time. And after this class I've totally gotcha ✨🌼💜Thank you

  5. I was litterally loving this show but one thing which I litterally unlike in this show is that .they are not respect hindhus god .in their show they are disrespect hindhus lord ganesh ji 🌝

  6. The way u explain everything🔥🙌🙌
    Thnku so muchh♥️♥️ …you are awesome👌♥️⚡…. It means a lot to me bcz i just lovee watching FRIENDS nd english is not my first language due to which sometimes i don't get the jokes nd humour behind them …but Your channel is helping me a lot to better understand the accent nd natives. Once again thank you.♥️
    💞Love for Punjab (India).🇮🇳

  7. Why is Ross taking these measures? A, b, c — all answers are correct

  8. Big Bang theory is a kind of very difficult to understand so I would love to watch more appisod with that series

  9. Great job is done by you. but i would like to suggest as l like to watch cartoon i want to learn english from cartoon shows .

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