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32 bình luận trong “Kyokushin Karate Hard Training | Ultimate Video

  1. Inimitable style of fighting not suited for all out warfare though. As the rules dictate body shots only, however pungent fighter's reflexes not gestated to guard the head. Which means getting hit, trauma and potential knock downs/outs. With the right adjustments that strength and power harnessed for body punching can be turned into a very effective form of proper UFC or full contact combat.

  2. Para los Niñ@s por abuso escolar ..Mujer no permitas de que ningún mal nacido os ponga la mano encima e ir a los Gimnasios en España hay muy buenos Maestros.. artista marcial y actriz Maestra en varias disciplinas Marciales…..La guerrera tarde o temprano deberá combatir, cuando lo hagas usa todo tu aprendizaje, usa sus codos, manos, rodillas, cabeza, piernas, porque una guerrera sabe que no solo su espada es la extensión de su espíritu guerrero, y cuando hayas vencido nada hay que celebrar, levanta y abraza a tu hermana guerrera pues te a dado digna pelea…y porque también es una guerrera Shalom..-

  3. Former French Foreign Legion 2 REP Sniper starring in a Brutal Martial Arts head crushing blood spraying action movie now on vod and on Amazon Prime THE MERCENARY ……..osu

  4. I think I'm a pretty tough guy, but if you punch me like that guy at 0:15, I'm coming back with a gun after I get out the hospital. Lol!!!

  5. People say that THIS wouldn't save you in a streefight lmao. Yes, if you're practicing in a McDojo, you won't do shit.

  6. Excelente!!! Me gusta Mucho el Karate, y el Kyokushin es uno de los mejores estilos. Excelente el Entrenamiento También!!!!

  7. Would someone kindly direct me to the webpage that shows the manifest, records of Kyokushin Karatedo warriors vs. Traditional Warriors ? I don't want to bite my own dust here.

  8. I did karate shotokan during years before going to thai boxing. I still don't understand why karate have note evolved to the point that they use gloves to hit the head during sparring sessions. This is still the same martial art where you don't learn how to block head hits. Every punches are on the body when, in real fights, mots of them are head hitting.

  9. Yeah, when are you going to offload some processing of your Neural Network and stream it into the Mind ? Awfully intense and engaged, basically some Attachment

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