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  1. Greg has a major point. They're trying to re-segregate the people. I can literally be in a packed gym and not see anyone.

  2. It's a gym. It's where you train. Why would you bar someone who's training hard from a gym where that's supposed to be the norm? Greg is right: it doesn't make sense.

  3. LOL, is this a real thing in USA?. I've been going to comercial gyms here in UK and I've never seen/heard something like that XD

  4. For Real? If that actually happened we are in the Twilight Zone..Focus on Inner Core, Be Inspired by Others on the Path as such You Inspire Another…very insyc flow then wasted energy.

  5. I think commercial gyms are like that because they don't want the liability of people hurting themselves … generally the staff at these places are not professional bodybuilders in any capacity and wouldn't know how to safely handle and manage weights on that scale … I don't think it is that personal

  6. And from a business point of view why kick out someone who is likely to be a long term customer to someone who is likely to quit because working out and being healthy is too hard

  7. I had a gym manager complain to me because I didn’t put my deadlifts down light enough. I emphasise I never dropped the weight. All controlled
    I explained to them how would you like me to put 450 down nicely. They were for reps before someone claims “light weight” lol

  8. My sister used to go to a gym whose owner didn´t allow people to rest for too long "they are here too much time, they use the machines for too long" was his "theory", but they paid a full use of the gym, no restrictions. He usually make the staff go to tell people to hurry up.
    Gym was out of business before the pandemics lol

  9. This world is being dominated by feminism no wonder the man's testosterone levels are falling every year. WE NEED TO START STANDING UP FOR EACHOTHER. Enough is enough.

  10. Lmfao, Greg, I've been saying this shit for years, constantly hearing loosers cry because I deadlift and whine. That's why I am getting my own home gym and never going to the gym. Sick of being restricted to 50% workout capacity.

  11. I belive a business has the right to do what ever they like (within reason) and people will vote with thier dollars.

    I don't think they should accommodate the vocal minority like he did there but it's his business and the only other option is have the government force them to and I definitely don't agree with that.

    Because eventually the government will enforce the rules against you.

  12. yes, people should be allowed to have whatever the fuck gym they want, even a racist gym.
    it's called freedom, freedom isn't pretty or safe, but it's necessary.
    but yes, it's moronic, no doubt about that.

  13. I'm just going to throw this here. I am a noob lifter. In my gym there are girls & circles who lift twice what I do with ease.
    Is it intimidating? Well a little, but it's also inspiring and admiring. I haven't done any sport for 16 years and these people been smashing it all along.
    What is the best thing you can do if the intimidation gets overwhelming? Either say hi to them. Nothing else. You'll see they are human-beings just like you.
    Or ask your trainer about them. You'll usually hear a story that makes so much sense why they lift so well 🙂

    We are there for our own goals. We share the space, be kind get strong.

  14. I couldn't imagine going to the gym and worrying about anyone that I didn't find there with! 🤦🏾‍♂️ Unless they needed a spot, or I'm getting advice from them.

  15. Was this a Planet Fartness or a 'fitness center' like it? The guy should take them to small claims court and drag them over the coals on social media b/c "powerlifting' to me would be chalk everywhere, baby powder (deads), and guys trying to stuff their buddy into a bench press shirt. And don't forget sniffing the ammonia and guys screaming and puking in buckets. I'm 50 now. That was in the 90s before the internet. Before the establishment gyms (Gold's, PowerHouse, et al) became corporate (very) and most franchisees went solo.
    Guys now are buying equipment and making gyms like an underground rave or a speakeasy. Guys get vetted, they have lookouts and are in industrial areas. Other long time gyms have lookouts and cops/deputies who refuse this lockdown shit and tip the owners/employees off. So when the health dept comes everyone has their shame muzzle on and are 6 feet apart. Anyone trying to shut down these places is going to not know why bizarre and bad things happen to them. "Just following orders" is not going to be accepted as authority.

  16. I've been too 2 gyms that I was told I couldn't do anything that would scare the old ladies and mind you one had everything a power gym has

  17. it's the phenomenon all over the world they do not want people who are not included in their template happened many times people who own the gym racket can not cope with your load I believe that disk discrimination occurs on all levels

  18. I’ve been singled out and hassled for lifting “too heavy” too. I personally haven’t really enjoyed training at the women-only gyms I’ve been to tho there have been days at regular gyms when I’ve been hassled so much by men there that I’ve cut my planned session short to get away from them.

  19. So I actually saw the story of this and the guy kicking him out is the brother of the owner or the co owner and they are brothers or something and he was having a bad day and went and kicked him out, the owner or other brother, either way whether they are co owners or not, the brother apologized for his brother's behavior and said it won't happen ever again and asked to please not blow it up

  20. I love the fact that you got a little emotional. It helped drive the point about how ridiculous it is to not allow people to do what they go to the gym for.

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