Karate Punching Hip Connection

Karate, an art for all people to develop character, coordination, strong spirit, positive determination, family and friendship, neurological advantages and camaraderie amongst people of similar interests, no matter what style of martial arts, we are all sharing in its many advantages.

West Wind Karate Dojo established in Florida in 1976, and today is the Florida representative of the Nihon Shotokan Karate-do Federation. Our dojo is the functional arm of the Traditional Martial Arts of Sarasota Inc. – a non-profit organization designed to perpetuate the study of Karate as a cultural experience. Our chief instructor, Rick Hotton – Godan (5th degree black belt), has been guiding our dojo for the last 35 years, training for over 40 years. Rick Hotton has been nicknamed “The Technician”.
As a traditional dojo, the holistic cultivation of the student takes precedence over the achievement of solely physical skills. The physical nature of Karate-do is the method or vehicle to achieve self-awareness, discipline and strength of character. The training therefore becomes a set of attainments associated with mental discipline. It involves poise and skilled movements. These reflect a frame of mind, a philosophy of life and a mode of communication. Although physically expressive on dynamic and precise movement, Karate training mentally cultivates a sense of inner peace and compassion. This mental and physical union present a balance in which the student’s potential as an individual can be brought to fruition.



Shotokan Karate

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  1. Such an important lesson. Everyone should've been taught this from day one.
    Would've saved a lot of "un-learning" for many.

  2. Ho praticato per 30 anni Shotokan e fin dall'inizio mi é stato spiegato di usare la spinta dell'anca opposta al braccio. Poi incontro insegnanti che mi dicono che é sbagliato, ma la mia vecchia scuola ha sempre ragione e ora dubito di molti insegnanti. Finalmente ho la conferma di aver avuto sempre ragione. Grazie Sensei .

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