karate moves online – Gedan barai

When someone first starts to learn karate, gedanbarai or downward block is one of the first blocks practiced in their karate classes. Before we start stepping with this block, we will first practice this block from shizentai or natural stance. In shizentai the feet are placed shoulder width apart, toes facing forward, shoulders relaxed.


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  1. @truongutctdynnvt Gedan apparently means "lower" and Barai apparently means "parry." It is not actually a block but a parry, the difference being that a parry is more of a deflection than a typical block.

  2. when doing gedanbarai and u turn the opposite way do u block with the ooppsite hand or the same hand that is already blocking? IE your right blocking (gedanbarai), when you turn do you block with the same right hand already blocking or block with your left ? Also if your in right punching stance and you do gedanbarai do you block with your right hand of left? (right hand is out punching do u block with that same hand or oopposite?) always confuses me..lol

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