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  1. hahahahahha i used to play this game before my training class in 1984 i loved it and inspired me alot hahahahahhhhah

  2. I remember this game, but with English voice samples. Instead of saying "hajime" at the beginning of each round, the judge would say, "gin."

  3. who hasn't played this game, seriously, who? and who hasn't clicked my name yet, probably the only people who aren't brave.

  4. In 'Bloodsport' this game looked awesome.
    "Aren't you a little young for full contact?"-Jackson
    "Aren't you a little old for video games?"-Dux

    What a film!

  5. at 1:45 he gave him some kinda like Bruce lee cross kick
    aint he a little old to be taking karate, he probably take it with the little kids

  6. @spooncvc look at 0:51, kick the poor bastard in the throat, guy died right there on the platform, chung li stood there an watch him die!

  7. @Masterkohatu LOL! The one with those huge buttons you had to punch hard in order to get the heavy blows? :°D Sure I remember!

  8. The best fighting game EVER. True martial artist's appreciated the way you had to craft a point using technique and timing. Not just battering random button to make people fire lightning out of their arses or whatever!!!!!
    I used to live on this game….

  9. In court between Data East and Capcom about Fighter's History, Data East's largest complaint against Capcom was that their 1984 Karate Champ arcade was the one that started it all in popularizing the fighting game genre. It later caused Konami to create the 1985 Yie Ar Kung-Fu arcade, which is the basis for modern fighting games. In 1987, Capcom created Street Fighter 1, which is like Yie Ar Kung-Fu on crack, with Ryu and Ken resembling Karate Champ's white and red karate men.

  10. Ah man.. I remember the days of Showbiz Pizza and this machine. I ruled that game. But the bull… damn it was tough.

  11. Yes this game is more inspired by traditional martial art customs then anime,manga, cinema or celebrities. No inspiration aesthetic-wise but this established the control style. Although they both bear Mas Oyama inspired characters like almost any fighter with Japanese style martial art characters.

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