Karate Blocks and Counters Combinations Home DVD Course (Old)

Between learning your Basics and learning to free spar in Kumite, the logical step is Blocks & Counters. These are set drills to teach you a number of ways to Block & Counter an attack. Other than increasing your defensive and offensive repertoire, Blocks & Counters get you used to attacks coming towards you so that you react effectively and don’t panic. On this DVD you will learn:

1) Gohon Kumite (5 step sparring). This is how to deal with an attacker coming at you with five similar attacks such as 5 head punches, 5 chest punches or 5 kicks.
2) Basic Ipon Kumite (1 step sparring). The next level is Ipon Kumite. Here you will learn intricate and effective defences against head punches, stomach punches, roundhouse kicks, front kicks and side kicks.
3) Advanced Ipon Kumite. This defends against the same attacks as Basic Ipon Kumite but the defences are more advanced. Advanced Ipon Kumite is usually reserved for Brown Belts and above.
4) Ohyu Kumite. These are more sophisticated combinations to be practiced against multiple attacks from an opponent.



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