Jon Jones reacts to getting banned from entering his gym by his long time coach Mike Winkeljohn,TJ

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39 bình luận trong “Jon Jones reacts to getting banned from entering his gym by his long time coach Mike Winkeljohn,TJ

  1. Is the snake TJ Dillashaw for real. Of course you lost your belt you were cheating. The way you cheated and what with people know about EPO leads them to believe you could have cheated your whole career. You have damaged you MMA legacy forever.

  2. Jones private life and fighting are 2 different things what he does outside that gym is his business, dinklebum was never a friend to jon jones.

  3. 5:40 It just cant get anymore cringe than that. The kings of cringe finally united. Even TripleC seems amazed and in awe of the cringe-talk of Wallid Ismael.

  4. Jon Jon Jon, your only getting older and the competition is getting better. By the time he comes back he will have rust and age and his damaged legacy to look forward to. He is his own worst enemy…..

  5. Wallid Ismail let’s go again!!!! 😂😂😂
    You will get your privet Chanel soon from your fans 😂😂😂 dumb f

  6. And Brandon excepting a 3rd fight is a nice gift. Its not even a rubber match and doesn't make sense. #ufcrankingsareworthless

  7. Dillishaw is so delusional, you never lost your belt in the octagon and you didn’t win it there either you steroid freak

  8. Was commenting about Belal's cringe, then the master came and conquered! Everything that fool gets involved in is just embarrassing. Figgy ain't the slickest, should have dipped outta frame knowing tripple cringe and wally isimal were in it.

  9. Jones says "It's hurts losing the support" because of the "respect" yet immediately follows with something akin to "the other coaches are good though and so forget that guy". Seems he's incapable of saying something genuine without immediately busting it up by saying something to wipe off his ego. Saying "Sincere thanks to the rest of the coaches" in the same breath? GMAFB

  10. So sterling has been a champion for a year and a half that all adds to his record over 500 days being champ.

  11. Cejudo’s Portuguese on point but Wallid’s English sounds like six different accents rolled into one.

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