Jon Jones BANNED from his gym Jackson Wink MMA! Dana White FIRES fighter after recent arrest, Franci

Jon Jones BANNED from his gym Jackson Wink MMA! Dana White FIRES fighter after recent arrest, Francis Ngannou & more news

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Mike Winkeljohn revealed on The MMA Hour that he has been temporarily banned from coming to the gym.
The MMA Hour:

Francis Ngannou in a recent intervuew with Ariel Helwani spoke on his upcoming opponent Ciryl Gane
The MMA Hour:

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MMA Release

38 bình luận trong “Jon Jones BANNED from his gym Jackson Wink MMA! Dana White FIRES fighter after recent arrest, Franci

  1. Yea he is banned from the gym mind u they let him hide under the octagon while usada was looking for him lol that gym wink is shady as fuck

  2. Pena gone, Jones stays ? Bad precedence Dana. Do the right thing and clean up the sport and your stable. Jon Jones must go. See how you feel when Jones hurts one of those kids, or will that be enough?

  3. Aw come on Bones,you know better than this! You should just walk if it gets the point you want hit shove etc..its past time to leave her alone,you have the business interests,take care of the kid(s) but stay away from her.the world keeps turning.youre a star,tainted your rep means nothing to the silly guys will dog at you.Think dude.your parents embarassed,embarrassed, brothers should tell you,you got riches,she didn't fight not one you got to get it together and either fight again or ..

  4. There is no fighter bigger then the UFC!!! They should kick Jon Jones to the curb!!! UFC cannot keep rewarding this guy for getting in trouble ; by turning a blind eye; Jones isnt going to change specially if the Ufc keeps him on the roster!!! Now has tht approach worket so far??? Cut your loses ; on to the next chapter!!!

  5. A bann doesn't help they are pretty much jumping ship from Jon guess when u mess up u see who ur real friends r

  6. Pstine deserves to be disrespected all the innocent people they have off’d. I’ll never understand how people take up for them. Hope Strickland KOs that bum.

  7. Greg did a good thing, even if Jon resents him for it. However, I don't understand why people keep blaming his actions on drinking. Lots of people drink and not everyone goes home to beat their significant other when drunk. Clearly, he has mental issues outside of drinking that requires therapy. I hope he can make the choice and seek this help before he does something he can't come back from.

  8. His coach might just be that little bit of resistance Jones needs to show him his career hanging on by a thread so he wakes up finally… doubtful but hey

  9. Thats the last tko Luis is ever gonna see on his record. The only record hes gonna see now is a body count in the prison shower room.

  10. Jon wants to be released from his contract. Dana will never release him. Why do we feel like we need to punish him? His own girl forgives him. Maybe it was a setup to be released? We all know jon loves that white girl and his baby momma.

  11. If Jones is banned from his own gym then he has no intention or plans to fight, that's there biggest star? Respect to Jackson hope this wakes Jones up now.

  12. This is what Jones needs. He should be suspended from the UFC as well, although he hasn't fought in a long time, he needs discipline

  13. Conner Mcgregor gonna beat his wife next ..? Whats up with all these UFC fighters getting domestic violence chargers

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