Joe Rogan Training Highlights | MMA Workout Motivation

Joe Rogan Training | Workout Motivation, MMA UFC Fight Preparation, Kick & Punch Techniques And Joe Rogan Experience by mmamaster.

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In this video you will see Joe Rogan’s boxing and fighting skills, kicks, punches, Joe Rogan funny moments and gym workout. Let it be the motivation for you!

Joe Rogan is an American podcaster, sports commentator, and stand up comedian.Joe Rogan is the host of his own podcast titled The Joe Rogan Experience, a weekly talk show where he converses with people from various backgrounds. Also a comedian. Rogan has worked for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) since 1997, and is now a color commentator for the promotion. In addition, Rogan has had roles on the television sitcoms Hardball and NewsRadio and was the host of reality shows Fear Factor and Joe Rogan Questions Everything.

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The Master (mmamaster): Best sports videos and sport vines – keep up with the latest football, mma, ufc, boxing, nba, wwe and other sport highlights, top lists, training and tribute videos, roe rogan on bodybuilding, roe rogan mcgregor, goals scored, breaking news, expert commentary and more. Joe rogan and his experience on podcast and stand up shows. Joe rogan is a motivation and dmt who questions everything. Plus, joe rogan heckler, joe rogan sam harris and rocky mountain high.


27 bình luận trong “Joe Rogan Training Highlights | MMA Workout Motivation

  1. One of the reasons why Joe is the best mma commentator in the business, he actually has a lot of first hand knowledge and experience in martial arts training and full contact competition

  2. So funny to see all the haters…he doesn't do steroids, it's testosterone replacement, when men over the age of 40, they start to drop testosterone LVLS, and he is 50, alot of men his age do it, it's very healthy for u, all it does is bring ur low LVLS to normal, not higher, normal…it helps with everything, just like when ur 24, u heal faster, ur stronger, faster, high libido, why, because u have a normal testosterone levels…its funny how ppl talk shit, but have no idea what they r talking about, u sound dumb, u sound like complete haters…im pretty sure I'll have some twats tell me I'm on Rogans dick, nope, trying to point out ur stupid and have no idea what ur talking about, so consider it a free education class…haters r adorable

  3. cant believe people are hating on his boxing…. if he hits u full force in the face ur going down and out no matter how big you are…. (if you dont train like he does)

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