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  1. @blagamoush10 That's sensless and ridiculous. You mean if IEKUKATAKA were a skilled karateka in your opinion, he would gain credibility in criticising JKA?
    I mean, it's arguments what you should be looking for. Not skill. What about a skilled wado-ryu 3-rd dan criticising Morio Higaonna and Goju ryu? Sensless enough, isn't it?

    I'd recommend you to compare sport JKA (or any Shotokan, which is sportish, wherever you try it) and some traditional Okinawa Goju, Uecho or Shorin, that's all.

  2. i train Traditional JKA Shotokan and it is very hard to find somebody on you tube that trains Shotokan and understands Compression release expansion and so forth… When i look at this i see Traditional JKA I have a video of another instructor o n my videos doing empi… Take a look at it he is JKI but thier is no differents honestly… JKA as far as im concerned…

  3. where did you get this? looks like it was all shot at the Honbu in Tokyo, and fairly recently since it has Okuma sensei and a couple of the Kenshuusei. Post more!

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