Jake Paul responds to 'old hater' Dana White, rips Conor McGregor, talks Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul talks to MMA Junkie’s Mike Bohn about Dana White’s comments calling him a fad (9:50), Conor McGregor’s loss to Dustin Poirier (17:15), his Aug. 29 boxing match with Tyron Woodley and much more.

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22 bình luận trong “Jake Paul responds to 'old hater' Dana White, rips Conor McGregor, talks Tyron Woodley

  1. No boxers can just jump in and try MMA. MMA dudes "can" jump in and try boxing. Jake went into boxing because ites easier; on dimensional. Common sense. MMA is the real shit. We all know it and MMA dudes havent shoved it in boxers faces so dont talk shit because we all know the obvious; These fights dont tell which sport is more dominant that will always be common sense. I'd love to buy Danas next beer.

  2. Ben askren was a lame opponent to box! Nate robinson, please! The other no namer with no skill what so ever. Jake thinks he has a boxing career. Hilarious!!! Cant wait to see him get knocked out!!!

  3. Woodley already proved he thinks he's going to lose. He turned down the money prop and only gave into the tattoo cause he was pressured and had to look like he had confidence in himself. Dude's a washed up clown.

  4. Good question asking Jake about picking on smaller fighters Like 145er Conor and welterweights like woodley and ben askren.

  5. Why didn't jake mention khabib? He's already retired just like ben askren, and why dont fight in mma? I'm curious if they fight, but i know it's impossible, khabib won't lower his grade to fight this kind of fight.

  6. Hopefully, he doesn't talk about fighting Israel Adesanya because unlike the other fighters in the UFC, he can really strike.

  7. Oh he's confidant they are preparing for this fight like a science.. it's astounding how far the R&D of PEDS has come since Gen Iron. These events aren't entertaining they are just a media swarm that attracts the vultures. The fact that people of falling for this sherad again is maddening.

  8. Mad respect to the host for not laughing at most responses from Logans brother. Tattoo bet? You talk like you know the fight game Logan Jr. Settle down.

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