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42 bình luận trong “I’m going to the GYM with THE BOYS…😂 #shorts

  1. Hey
    I’m going to the gym and I’m a tool.

    Mom: why are you at tool son?

    Because I wear a belt while I do biceps curls.

  2. Are these dudes that are just at the gym late at night or are they special needs and he’s chaperoning? I say that because In college I’d volunteer a couple times a month at one of my states production centers for the developmentally disabled. I’d hang out with these two twin brothers. I was 22 they were mid 30s, no family. We’d go bowling, fast food. Zoo etc Good times

  3. Btw this music is from 'oniket prantor – artcell' see its English meaning cuz it's in a different language.. this song is amazing

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